Arizona Homeowners Forum

A clearing house for frustrated Arizona HOA members. Here you can blog, learn, research dispute resolution, and share experiences -  because we also want to force legislators to make real changes. We need FACTS - such as the ones requested in the form below:

See Sample complaint filled in by the Sellers:

At the:

Arizona Homeowners Forum

1.       At the bottom of the page you can insert your email address and receive notice of postings which will be kept to meaningful items.

2.       There’s also an option there to download a PDF fillable form which you can then email back to this address. It will NOT be posted on the blog. Its use MAY be, in sanitized form, to give legislators a picture, but we’ve not decided yet.  
3.       There’s nothing wrong with posting good news either of course, as there are some good stories out there. If you do – explain why!

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