Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What happens when HOA refuses full payment in cashiers check. Keystone Pacific and Harkins involved

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  Special thanks to Sam Walker, a quality attorney, who has been instrumental in winning this battle. If you have real estate or HOA issues, or if you have litigation or appellate needs, Sam may be able to help you too: sam@samwalkerlaw.com 

UPDATE 6/2014! After publicly exposing the link between the board member and  the Keystone Pacific Community Manager, this community manager has been removed! However, they have not removed all of her daily phone calls and emails to the attorney and malicious additions to my ledger.

UPDATE 10/2014 -  To date it is estimated $180,000 has been wasted starting when the association’s attorney refused FULL PAYMENT in a cashier’s check for all assessments due! In violation of the law. 1367.1(b) Imagine… 900 MONTHS of the hard working owners (who live at this complex) assessment payments WASTED by poor and or vindictive decision making

HOA has wasted $300,000 in attorney fees. 187,000 to resident and at least $120,000 to its attorney.

Harkins is trying to get Small Claims court judge to award him $5K in attacks attorney fees over a $300 issue caused by the HOA. SMALL CLAIMS,

Walker motioned the court for $186,000 in attorney's fees from first case, while the HOA has paid Feldsott over $100,000

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