For the Birds

For the birds

  Camas, WA - We inherited Sunny Jewel & Ocean Blue from our eight-year old twins who thought they wanted a couple of parakeets as pets....

For the Birds - Tribute to Ocean Blue, Beloved Parakeet

 Camas, WA  I started this series as I way to learn to take care of our recently acquired and beloved parakeets Ocean Blue & Sunny Jewel...

For the Birds - Episode Three

 Episode Three

Camas, WA -  Today is the second days since Ocean Blue unexpectedly went to Bird Heaven, and we can all feel it, specially her mate, Sunny Jewel.  It is too quiet, even though we usually have background music.

For The Birds - Episode Four: A Warm Welcome to Marshmallow

Camas, WA:    Today is the fourth day since Ocean Blue went to Bird Heaven, leaving Sunny Blue behind  And while Sunny woke up on her usual ..

For the Birds - Episode Five

 Camas, WA - We have ended the week with a clear change in dynamics, after Ocean Blue went to Bird Heaven:  Sunny Jewel has shown great hosp...

For the Birds - Episode Six: Alls Well With My Cage

 Camas, WA:  Congratulations to Sunny Jewel for being such a hospitable roommate that Marshmallow Cream seems more comfortable in her forever home.  Sunny not only allowed Mallow to use her favorite perch, but also Mallow took over the pine bark mining operation.

For the Birds - Episode Seven - The Great Get Away!

  Camas, WA:   After three weeks or so since Marshmallow joined Sunny, they seem to be getting along just fine.  Marshmallow still looks a l...

RIP Angel.  RIP Ocean Blue

Sunny Jewel

Ocean Blue

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