The CotoBuzz Journal’s main priority is to deliver high quality, relevant content with a minimum of unobtrusive advertising:  no annoying pop-up, chthonic interstitials or other unwanted material.  We do not accept advertising for adult content, alcohol, or otherwise locofoco persuasion.  We reserve the right to reject any advertising for any reason.
Content is generally distributed on a daily basis via RSS (real simple syndication) & social networking sites and replicated in various blogzz 
The CotoBuzz Journal readership is generally affluent in the 25+ age-group.
A.  Sponsorship advertising
Sponsorship advertising allows businesses to place a high-profile advertisement on specific CotoBuzz Journal pages that are outstanding positions because of their high traffic. In contrast to rotational advertising, a sponsorship ad is fixed and does not compete with other advertising on the page.
Headmast sponsorship: 515X55 Pixels maximum- is not replicated in other blogzz
6 months - $599

12 months - $999

Sideline sponsorship - 165X100 Pixels maximum-may be replicated in other blogzz
6 months - $399

12 months - $599
B.  Integrated content advertising (click here for example) – may be propagated in other various CotoBlogzz properties
275X200 Pixels Maximum-may be replicated in other blogzz
6 months - $799
275X200 Pixels Maximum-may be replicated in other blogzz
12 months - $1299

C.  Rotational advertising  is a cost effective “time share” - allows advertisers to “rotate” with other advertisements in the headmast or sideline - Rotational advertising available on a limited bases
Headmast rotational sponsorship: 515X55 Pixels maximum - is not replicated
6 months- $299

12months - $699
Sideline rotational sponsorship-165X100 Pixels maximum- may be replicated in other blogzz
6 months - $199

12 months - $499

When possible, advertisement may be initially published in one of several categories.  Categories include:                   
·         Community/Campus/Art
·         Around Homeowner Associations (HOA)/(CID)
·         Public Safety
·         Politics
·         Journalism
·         General Interest
·         Letters

D.  Co-Branding Marketing
Co-branding is offered via intellectual property-based marketing.  Using your own logo complemented by one of our easily-recognized trademarked symbols, your product can exude trust and high quality.  Co-branding can be done via advertising as noted above, or through merchandising. 

E.  Classified advertising
All text classified advertising that runs in the CotoBuzz Journal may stay in for about one year:  6 months:  $99, 12 months: $149 - click here for classified location and categories
F.  Special section advertisement - consists of any advertisement - Contact the CotoBuzz Journal  for pricing details.
G.  Complementary White paper advertisement.  A very effective tool is to publish white papers in the form of informational material, such as "how to", "tips" or "warnings".  A  complementary white paper no more than 1050 words in length, is published with any of the above. 

H.  Viral marketing - Content sponsorship  advertising- 
may be replicated in other blogzz

Viral marketing advertising allows businesses to place high quality content on CotoBuzz Journal pages that can then be linked to sponsorship ads.  The content is edited by the CotoBuzz Journal to assure the content is not a stealth ad, or what the CotoBuzz Journal typically refers to adporting – advertising disguised as reporting.  The viral marketing effect is derived from the quality of the content directly linked to products or services provided by the advertiser.
Contact the CotoBuzz Journal for viral marketing pricing 
NOTE:  Rates subject to change 

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