Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fire the Three Amigas: Capito, Collins, Murkowski

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Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine are the perfect illustration of the GOP Establishment.  It never wanted or expected a Trump win.  One reason why the promised and voted to repeal Obamacare knowing full well the vote was meaningless, as then President Obama would not sign it.

 Austin Peters Tweet

Now, with a President Trump in office, the GOP Establishment is on notice that he is serious about keeping his campaign promises, as opposed to whe GOP Establishment has been doing.

The GOP Establishment is looking and acting more like the Democratic Party and the New Democratic Party is looking and acting more like the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders/ Venezuela’s Maduro:  Incompetent Socialists – the obvious extension to the Obama-era created protected class:  Incompetent-American, such as Hilary, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Power, Clapper, Brennan, Koskinen et al


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hey, You wanna buy a watch or get free visa to enter the USA?

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Hey, you wanna buy a watch, or get a free visa to enter the USA?  This is a limited time offer and certain conditions apply:

You must be a Russian national who has  previously applied for a visa, but was denied entry.

You must claim to have connections to Putin, whether real or imagined.

Time is limited:  Until president Trump is kicked out of office, when the Main Stream media stops with its Russian Hysteria, or when the scam gets uncovered, whichever comes first.

Call now:  1-800-WER-CLINTON

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

GOP going boldly where every man has gone before

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The GOP establishment never expected a Trump presidency, why it went where every man has gone before:  Pledge to Repeal and Replace Obamacare if only they are elected or reelected to office.

But the the unthinkable happens:  Trump defeats Hilary AND he is doing what he told American voters he was going to do.  Now, there is no excuse for the GOP establishment.  There is nowhere to hide.

The main problem is that the Democrats have the anchovies and the GOP is supposed to take away the anchovies. While this is what they promised to do and it is the fiscally responsible thing to do, it is not the popular thing to do.

So now the GOP establishment is forced to look in the mirror.  Does it have the backbone to take away the anchovies and place the country on a path to insolvency, or are they going to grow a backbone?

It is anyone's guess.  My guess is that the GOP has not shown any backbone, and will not be able to grow one anytime soon.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Defund NPR/Defund CNN

If you are intellectually honest and  listen to National Public Radio (NPR) attack president Trump, you must conclude that it is a division of CNN, or a division of Pravda.

All but one U.S. commercial airport are owned and operated by public entities, including local, regional or state authorities with the power to issue bonds to finance some of their capital needs- that means that like NPR, taxpayers are funding CNN in several ways: Paying airport taxes while paying to finance their capital needs.  Worse, taxpayers are forced to watch fake news CNN with the ability to change the channel to get real information.  The of course CNN pays the airports to distribute its anti-Trump propaganda.

It is time to defund NPR.  It is time to defund CNN - Demand it!

Graham McCain: Democrats/MSM Useful Idiots

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Listening to failed presidential candidates and globalists, Lindsay Graham and John McCain in the Sunday shows would lead you to believe that they are Clinton supporters:  War mongers, anti-GOP.  Whether its is health care reform, tax reform or the Russia-Trump connection, it looks as if they are using Senator Chuck Schumer's talking points, rather than being constructive in supporting president Donald J. Trump's legislative agenda.

Perhaps CNN is right.  Voters are stupid and they keep re-electing officials like Maxine Waters, Graham and McCain.  I do not share CNN's view.  What I do know is that

1) Graham and McCain are adored by CNN/Mainstream Media(MSM)/Democrats.  Thy are their favorite Useful Idiots.
2) The Evil Twins in the past have characterized the president's Tweets as un-Presidential.  I can extrapolate and say their campaigns were also un-presidential, since they have yet to be elected president.
3)  The worst part is criticizing the president's cyber-initiative with Russia.  This clearly shows they have no clue as to what it takes to launch a cyber attack, how to prevent one, or the consequences of a successful one, or they just want to appear on Sunday shows. They think the Digital Universe is somewhere with Tweeter, in Mars.

My conclusion is that the Evil Twins have outlived their useful public life and ride into the sunset.  If not, I believe voters are smarter than CNN thinks and will do the job for them

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Trump is Trump. Like the scorpion, that is his nature

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Love him or hate him, Trump is Trump.  He is a disruptive leader.  In disruption, there are no soft edges.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Establishment never expected Donald J. Trump to be nominated, much less elected.  Knowing this, the GOP establishment was elected on the pledge to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, precisely because they never thought a Republican was going to be elected to the White House who would want to keep his or her campaign promises. With president Trump in the White House, all of the sudden the GOP in Congress is in chaos and is doubtful whether it can keep its promise to the American people to repeal and replace the failed Obamacare.

 Further, MSM & liberals use the terms art and free speech (Colbert, Griffin, Jim Acosta, Bill Maher Linda Sarsour, Madonna, and on, and on.) simply as front for filthy, vulgar, hateful, violent behavior. They viciously attack the president of the United States of America 24X7, yet feign righteous indignation when he strikes back and are consistently inconsistent.

  • ·         California bans travel to Texas because of TXs LGBT policies, but oppose travel ban from countries who oppress LGBT.
  • ·         CNN demands freedom of the press, but goes after an individual for posting an funny joke
  • ·         Filthy, vulgar, hateful, anti-semite, anti-Christian, anti-Women, Democrat Darling Linda Sarsour urges Muslims in to mount a  jihad against the Trump presidency and to refuse assimilation. Democrats and Muslims refuse to condemn her, using Clintonian excuses : it depends on what jihad is.
  • ·         Liberals  are against the death penalty but choose to kill babies and love euthanasia.
  • Justice Ginsburg insults candidate Trump, and vows to move to New Zealand if he wins the presidency.  She is still here.
  • George Clooney is moving his family to the USA for safety reasons, after advocating open borders and opposing travel ban

·         The media is supposed to be the fourth estate, it has now abdicated its responsibility and joined the deep state.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Clinton News Network (CNN) - Home of the NothingBurger Two Billion Sold

Welcome to the Clinton News Network (CNN) Home of the NothingBurger, where you can enjoy your NoithingBurger your way:  Flame broiled with fake Angus beef, with  fake FBI sources, anonymous sources or everything completely fake, or try the house favorite

he Trump-Russia Collusion NothingBurger.  Available until supplies last.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Truth in Advertising - California:

Tsunami Hazards are found all over Humboldt County, like in Eureka and Ferndale. At first it is worrisome, but a good idea to have truth in advertising. One can decide to stay in the hazardous areas or move to higher grounds.

Perhaps this can be done in California. Start a new initiative that comports to truth in advertising:

There should California-Specific Warnings all over the state, like: Warning, The State of California has been found to be hazardous to your wallet and corrosive to traditional American Values - proceed at your own risk. That way people can decide to stay in California, or simply move to safer grounds

Friday, May 05, 2017

Even Google thinks Democrats are irrelevant

Even Google thinks Democrats are irrelevant.

Google's Top Stories and US Sections consistently have Donald Trump and the republicans at the top, it usually has nothing on the Democrats.  In this case, Hilary Clinton is the only Democrat represented in the top stories, simply because she refuses to be held accountable even though Obama/Loretta Lynch made sure she faced no criminal charges.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

OCSD arrests My Ngoc Tien Nguyen suspected of vandalizing vehicles in Rancho Santa Margarita

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RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. –  According to the OCSD, Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies on Thursday, April 20, arrested a man suspected of vandalizing more than 20 vehicles over a five-month period in various locations in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The first reported incidents occurred in late 2016 but an increase in the frequency and severity of the vandalism prompted Sheriff’s investigators to launch a dedicated, comprehensive investigation utilizing multiple resources to identify a suspect.

After interviewing multiple witnesses, collecting and reviewing surveillance footage and conducting undercover surveillance operations, investigators arrested My Ngoc Tien Nguyen, 38, of Tustin.

Nguyen was booked on suspicion of multiple misdemeanor and felony counts of vandalism. He is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

MSM Subliminal propaganda on Trump Russia Connection

The Washington Post & NY Times and main stream media (MSM) traffic on subliminal propaganda, worse than fake news, are going psychotic:  First the story line was that Trump aides colluded with Russia. 

After the Syria Strikes and before Secretary of State Rex Tillerson goes to Russia, the story has changed:  Now, it is Trump aides taking a tough stand on Russia despite Trump.

In other words, if things are bad, according to the MSM, it is Trump's fault.  But if it is good, it must be  because Trump aides are saving his bacon.  Seriously?

Saturday, April 08, 2017

NY Times subliminal propaganda on confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch

The NY Times, purveyor of fake news and subliminal propaganda is at it again covering the confirmation of judge Neil Gorsuch.  See if you can spot the subliminal propaganda.

HINT:  In order to be confirmed, judge Gorsuch did not have to learn to say nothing.  Putting it on the judge is nothing short of shameful.

From the NY Times

The fact is that had it not been for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, judge Gorsuch would not have been confirmed, and Chuck Schumer et all would have filibuster Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or even Jesus, if any one of them had been nominated instead of judge Gorsuch

Washington Post use subliminal propaganda using Seattle Mayor Ed Murray indiscretions against Trump

In the piece titled,  He lobbied for gay rights and opposed Trump — now Seattle’s mayor is accused of sexually assaulting minors: The Washington Post is clearly using association fallacy or as I refer to subliminal propaganda to blame president Trump for  Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proclivities

The piece includes the following line:  This year, Murray became a leading voice in the West coast resistance to Trump's agenda — particularly the president's promise to target undocumented immigrants.  The conclusion:  Of course, it must be president Trump who is coming after Seattle Mayor Ed Murray – Murray is the victim in this case.


The Art of The Deal: - Apologies to President Trump

President Trump invites China President Xi Jinping for dinner  at Mar-a-Lago,  the Winter White House and away from Obama-loyalists in DC who may continue to spy on him.

During dinner, President Trump asks president Jinping for help with North Korea: “You gotta help me out here with the North Korea issue” President trump says.

“You know I have done all I can, but that crazy guy just goes ballistic without notice, I don’t think I can do anything else” responds President Jinping.

“I just bombed the hell out of Syria, but that is just a warning.  If Assad does not get the message, guess what I am going to do next” says President Trump.  Then he asks “Where were we?”

President Jinping says:  “we were talking about North Korea, and all the things I am going to do to that crazy guy if he does not control himself” – I”ll keep you posted, he adds.