Sunday, December 10, 2017

Islam, the Religion of Peace isn't. It's the Religion of Hate.

It took a president like Donald Trump to expose the mainstream media for what it is: a fraud.  Elites who think Americans are stupid, as CNN might say, and thus the average Anerican needs a heavy dose of regurgitated news that can be safely consumed by clueless, uneducated Trump supporters.

President Trump also exposed the corrupt weaponized federal bureaucracy he inherited from president Obama: The Trump administration's DOJ forced the Obama-FBI to apologize for having discriminated and disenfranchised thousands of conservative voters.

President Trump, first sitting president tom visit Western Wall

New revelations show that members of high level DOJ & FBI  operatives were all in for president Trump's political opponent, Hilary Clinton.  It's not a conspiracy theory:  Obama weaponized the federal bureaucracy to punish political foes and reward friends.

With president Trump's historical recognition recognizing history that clearly shows Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, reasonable people would conclude that ultra conservative Muslims and terrorist organizations like Hamas & Hezbolla might call for days of rage or even intifadas.  But when practically the whole Muslim World goes postal, the only conclusion is that the long suspected religion of peace, isn't. Even Democrat-darling filthy, vulgar, hateful, antiSemite, antiAmerican,  antiChristian, Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour, urges Muslims to NOT assimilate & castigates president Trump's proclamation.

The United States sends some $500 million/year to Palestinians.  Most of the money ends up in the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah leadership, which is then used to pay suicide bombers and their families. High time to rethink this aid.

As to Muslim Americans support for the president? Crickets.

So, don't ever lecture me that Islam is the religion of peace, because it isn't, it's the religion of hate. Thank president Trump for exposing this truism.


History of Jerusalem