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The OCSD gets its men: Suspected Laguna Hills iPads bandits caught

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  - Today, at approximately 1 p.m., Timothy Lavert Bates, 25, Los Angeles, and Albert Fletcher Brown, Jr., 26, Hillcrest, were arrested in connection with an armed robbery at an AT&T store in the city of Laguna Niguel.  Bates and Brown were subsequently tracked and located at the Mariners Church in the city of Irvine approximately thirty minutes after the robbery occurred. 

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s (OCSD) department, Bates and Brown, Jr. are suspected in committing an armed robbery at the AT&T store in the 27000 block of La Paz Road.  The weapon used during the robbery was a silver handgun and the loss were iPhones and iPads.  

Albert Brown

Timothy Bates

Minutes prior to the armed robbery, a Toyota sedan was stolen from in front of a residence in the city of Laguna Hills.  Investigators later recovered the stolen vehicle near the scene of the robbery.  It is believed the recovered stolen vehicle was used by Bates and Brown, Jr. to flee the scene of the robbery. 

Orange County Sheriff’s investigators are attempting to determine if there are additional suspects and locate evidence in the crime.  Bates and Brown, Jr. have been booked for robbery at the Orange County Jail.  

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to call Sheriff's investigators at (714) 647-7000.  Anonymous tips may also be submitted to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS (855-847-6227) or

Friday, September 27, 2013

I am sorry to rob you bandit strikes Laguna Hills’ Shell Gas Station

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - (September 27, 2013) – On Friday, September 27, 2013 at approximately 4:15 a.m. an armed robbery occurred at the Shell gas station on Lake Forest Drive and Del Lago Drive in the city of Laguna Hills.  The suspect used a small, black handgun.


The suspect was described as a male, 5 feet 7 inches, 20-22 years old with a small build.  The suspect was wearing all black clothing, a black mask with glasses on the outside and black converse shoes.  During the course of the robbery, the suspect repeatedly apologized to the clerk for committing the robbery.  No injuries were sustained by the clerk.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s (OCSD) office, the suspect is believed to have committed several other robberies in the South Orange County area approximately 8 months ago.  In each of the previous robberies, the suspect clothing description was identical and he also apologized to the clerk for committing the robbery.

Anyone with information regarding this suspect is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at (714) 647-7000.  Anonymous tips may also be submitted to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS (855-847-6227) or   

Joshua Robey, caught on a hidden video camera gets 13-to-life for attempting to murder 2-month-old son

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Joshua Robey, caught on a hidden video camera was sentenced today to 13 years to life in state prison for attempting to murder his 2-month-old son by swinging him by the neck with a noose-like blanket and repeatedly punching, strangling, and shaking the baby. 

According to the Orange Count Disrict Attorney's (OCDA) office, Joshua Allen Robey, 26, Costa Mesa, was found guilty by a jury Aug. 19, 2013, of one felony count each of attempted murder with premeditation and deliberation, torture, and child abuse with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury to a child under 5 years old. 

In October 2011, Robey had a 2-month-old son, Baby Doe, with his girlfriend of two years. He lived on and off with his girlfriend and her mother in Anaheim until three weeks prior to the attempted murder, at which time he began living in a motel in Costa Mesa. 

On Oct. 18, 2011, Robey was at the home of his girlfriend and her mother and had agreed to babysit Baby Doe. Without the defendant's knowledge, his girlfriend set up a hidden camera in the home because she believed him to be cheating. 

While alone with Baby Doe and solely responsible for his care, Robey violently abused and attempted to murder the infant. He wrapped a blanket around the baby's neck, picked him up by lifting the ends of the blanket like a noose, and swung the victim around for over a minute. 

Robey laid Baby Doe back down and punched him several times in the chest with closed fists. On multiple occasions he strangled, slapped and punched the baby and grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands, lifted him in the air, and violently shook him. 

At one point while Baby Doe was crying, Robey covered the victim's mouth with his hand, grabbed him by the neck, and shook him in the air. He attempted to suffocate Baby Doe by covering the victim's face with a blanket and covering the baby's mouth with his hand for several seconds. He also covered the victim's nose and mouth with tape to suffocate the baby. 

The baby's mother discovered the abuse upon watching the video from the hidden camera. The girlfriend's mother learned of the video the following day and took the baby to the hospital. Hospital staff contacted the Anaheim Police Department (APD), who investigated this case. 

Robey was arrested at a motel in Santa Ana by APD officers that night. Baby Doe suffered fractured ribs, bleeding to the brain, and liver injuries. 

Deputy District Attorney Barrie Pink of the Family Protection Unit prosecuted this case. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

21st National Printmaking Society Juried Satellite Exhibition at Saddleback College


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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  Bob Rickerson, Gallery Director of The Saddleback College Art Gallery, will  host Another View III, the -Los Angeles Printmaking Society Juried Satellite Exhibition on October 23rd to November 15th in the Saddleback College Art Gallery.

Add Kemosabe by Ron Garrett from his Mask Series

From over 1200 submissions, 50 artists from all over the United States were selected to display one of their prints in this special exhibition. Two of the fifty artists selected are Saddleback College students Nathan Catlin and Mariko Ishii. All forms of printmaking will be on display and many of the works will be for sale. Admission is free.

There will be an artists’ reception on Tuesday, October 22nd from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Saddleback College Art Gallery. Gallery hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from noon to 4:00 p.m. and Thursdays, noon to 8:00 p.m. The gallery will also be open on Saturday, October 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Saddleback College Art Gallery is one of south Orange County’s primary outlets for creative expression in traditional and conceptual art. Exhibitions featuring works by local, regional, and national- known artists are presented from September to July.  The Art Gallery is an important part of the instructional program. Students enrolled in the gallery display and exhibition classes learn how to plan, design, install, and organize gallery space through art exhibitions.

Saddleback College is located at 28000 Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo, just east of Interstate 5 at the Avery Parkway exit. Free parking is available in Lot 12.  Take Avery Parkway to Marguerite Parkway turn left to the third traffic light, which is Saddleback’s Marguerite entrance. Turn right into the campus and take the second left to Theatre Circle, turning right into Lot 12.
Located in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College provides quality higher education and training to the greater south Orange County community.  Having served more than 500,000 students since 1968, Saddleback College offers over 300 degree and certificate programs to help students reach their personal, career, and educational goals.  For more information, please visit and for Fine Arts information,  

Laguna Woods Village's Third Mutual Kangaroo Court


Laguna Woods Village - CA

For additional details, see the videos below

Video 2 of 2 - see video below
Video 7 minutes..." Where is the money?" Discover board cover-ups and non-disclosure of special interests. Facts, figures and costs do not mean a thing to senile Director Sy Wellikson.
1.2 The Members 1st Foundation is therefore committed to the prevention, detection and investigation of all forms of fraud, corruption and bribery whether these are attempted internally or externally against the non-profit corporation as an organization or by individuals. This commitment is effected through this Corporate Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy and its contingent protocols, procedures and action plans. 
1.3 In carrying out its functions and responsibilities the board must operate a culture of transparency and fairness and expects members and employees to adopt the highest standards of propriety and accountability. The board must operate a zero tolerance of fraud, corruption and bribery. This environment will support and reinforce the communities vision for fraud, corruption and bribery to be minimized throughout the community, and linked third parties, by creating a strong and effective anti- fraud, anti-corruption and anti-bribery culture. this is the goal of the shareholders but not witnessed on the video.
Video 1 of 2  - see video link below
Video 6 minutes.".Kangaroo Court" 3rd Board doesn't want shareholders to send e-mails comments and suggestions about their 10 to 1 vote (95% time) for PCM. These directors slander other shareholders with false accusations and phony resolutions.   
Executive Director Paul Loughrey, Members 1st Foundation
Members 1st Foundation a 501 © 4 Corporation was formed (2009) to promote the legal rights of Shareholders in Laguna Woods Village. To accomplish this objective, it publishes a e-mail e-mails and conducts public meetings dealing with matters of concern to shareholders. It also operates an information center that provides shareholders with answers concerning their rights and obligations under the corporate governing documents with their non-profit status. In order to present the views of shareholders with respect to laws and regulations that affect them, the organization testifies before administrative and legislative bodies

Kangaroo Court Video 1 of  2 video - click on link above

For details discussed in videos 1 of 2 and 2 of two, click here for pdf file

Third Mutual trustees should be held to such a higher standard even though they may not have represented that they have such expertise.
When a board is selected to be the director of a corporation or nonprofit agency, it has various responsibilities. It is responsible for acting on behalf of the shareholders of the company to make the best decisions and policies for the company. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to the non-profit corporation; that is, it has a responsibility for the care of the assets and rights of the non-profit corporation.

Paul Lougrey, Members 1st Foundation

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As Hollywood Glorifies Al Qaeda, Kenyans Die

Captain Phillips Empathizes with Al Qaeda as Kenyans Die

By Chriss Street

As the movie thriller ‘Captain Phillips’, about economically depressed Somali hostage-taking al Qaeda pirates, opens the New York Film Festival this week, the real Somali al Qaeda pirates were murdering and holding hundreds of hostages in a Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall.  Hollywood always likes to take credit for “life imitating art”, because they believe “What is found in life and nature is not what is really there, but is that which artists have taught people to find there, through art.”  American Navy SEALs use stealth and daring to successfully rescue hostages in ‘Captain Phillips.’  But with at least 62 dead after four days of battle between the Somali pirates and the combined forces of the Kenyan military and Israeli commandos, al-Qaeda has successfully demonstrated that their art is maximizing civilian mayhem and terror.

Director Paul Greengrass, who dramatized in 2006 the 9/11 terrorist hijacking of “United 93”, filmed many of the movie’s scenes at sea to capture a hyper-realistic feel.  He stated that instead of telling a simplified tinsel-town story of the brutality of the hijackers and the courageous captain, played by Tom Hanks, to have sought a more nuanced point of view, highlighting the entrenched economic problems that cause people to resort to piracy in the first place, “On the one hand, you are getting a very exciting film, and on the other hand, one that rewards the watcher without lecturing you.”

Greengrass says he isn’t interested in finding heroes and villains. Instead, he tried to employ his jumpy, documentary style to show events as they actually happened. “You understand the pirates’ desperation and the danger they pose,” he says, “but you understand their humanity too.”   In one key scene Mr. Phillips—nicknamed “Irish” by his captors—tells one of the Somalis hostage-takers that there must be job opportunities in Somalia besides “being a fisherman and kidnapping people.” The pirate responds, “Maybe in America, Irish.”

On the real world stage in Nairobi, thick oily black smoke poured from the Westgate mall on September 23rd, after rescuers blew a hole in the roof to gain better positions to attack the al Qaeda-linked terrorists of al Shabaab terrorists, who are understand they are on a suicide mission and have no intention of surrender.  A senior official tried to reassure the media by claiming the police were “closing in”, but the government has repeated similar stories for days.  Al Shabaab leader Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage in a radio address broadcast from Somalia stated, “Israelis and Kenyan forces have tried to enter Westgate by force but they could not.”  He added, “The mujahideen will kill the hostages if the enemies use force.”

The female villain in this al Shabaab full-length feature is the “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite, the fugitive former wife of one of the infamous 7/7 bombers.  Her 19 year old husband Germaine Lindsay and three friends boarded three London Underground trains and a bus on the morning of July 7, 2005, then killed 52 civilians and injured 700 more by blowing themselves up.  Lewthwaite was reported to be in the mall shouting orders in Arabic to the mujahideen during the initial attack.  Al Shabaab hostages were then lined up and executed with AK-47s if they failed to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother or recite passages from the Koran – proof they were non-believing “kafirs.”

Adding to the international appeal for a future movie script, Al Shabaab has been expanding its recruitment outside of Somalia to build a more multi-ethnic generation of African fighters and it has been reported that 10% of their total forces are now “Kenyan Mujahideen.”  U.S. intelligence told news services over 50 Americans have also traveled to their training camps in Somalia.  Last month, al-Shabaab released a video from a training camp showing three young men claiming to be from Minneapolis.  One future martyr, stated:

This is the best place to be honestly,” one of the men says. “I can only tell you from my experience being here, that you have the best of dreams, you eat the best of food, and you’re with the best of the brothers and sisters who came here for the sake of Allah. If you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. This is the real Disneyland, you need to come here and join us and take pleasure in this fun.”

It is unclear if timing of the release of ‘Captain Phillips’ inspired the al Shabaab attack.  But successfully attacking an upscale shopping center, taking hundreds of hostages, and then holding off a nation’s military for days, will provide al Qaeda movie producers with plenty of “artistic” hyper-realistic feel for their upcoming recruiting films.

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Connor Zion pronounced dead on the scene in officer- involved shooting in Laguna Nigel

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  – On Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at approximately 7:30 p.m. deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) responded to a disturbance call involving subjects being stabbed with a knife in Laguna Nigel.

According to the OCSD, during the response to the call for service, one deputy was attacked by the suspect and another deputy shot and fatally wounded the assailant.  The suspect, Connor Bishop Zion, 21, of Laguna Niguel, was pronounced deceased on the scene by Orange County Fire Authority Paramedics.  Zion's mother and roommate were also injured as a result of the altercation and were transported to a local hospital for stab wounds.

During the incident, an Orange County Sheriff's deputy received stab wounds to both arms and was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated for serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.  

The Orange County District Attorney's office is conducting an investigation, as is the protocol in Orange County Sheriff's deputy-involved shootings.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Europe: The Welfare Is State Dead

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With the Congress and the Administration in full battle mode over implementing Obamacare to convert the United States into a European welfare state, Dutch King Willem-Alexander gave a nationally televised 

speech to his nation’s Parliament on September 16th declaring the welfare state was dead.   The message, written for the King by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government, stated that current levels of state spending for unemployment benefits and subsidized health care are unsustainable amid Europe’s ongoing economic malaise.  With Moody’s credit rating agency threatening to downgrade Dutch debt, the King announced that citizens soon will be expected to create their own social and financial safety nets with much less help from the state

Economists define a nation to be welfare state when 20% or more of its gross domestic product (GDP) is spent by the state on welfare and education.  The United States has never hit that level, but welfare and education “investment” spending under President Barack Obama rose to 19.4% of GDP in 2012.  Implementing Obamacare will convert America into a welfare state for the first time in our history.

The concept of the welfare state that ensures cradle to grave well-being for its population is uniquely a European creation.  It originated in Bismarck’s Germany in the late 19th century and took root in Britain and the Scandinavian countries during the Great Depression.  The Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community in 1958 set standardized social objectives across the continent for “promotion of employment, improved living and working conditions … proper social protection, dialogue between management and labor, the development of human resources with a view to lasting high employment and the combating of exclusion”.   The 1993Maastricht Treaty expanding the European Union (EU) and adopting the euro currency legally required European states to provide high living standards and good working conditions.
Historian Tony Judt famously stated that the European social model “binds Europe together” in contrast to the “American way of life”, which sociologist and former communist Will Herbergdefined in 1955 as so individualistic that “it stresses incessant activity on his part, for he is never to rest but is always to be striving to ‘get ahead.’” 

The objective of the welfare state is “limiting the reliance of family and market” through equality of opportunity and an equitable distribution of wealth to achieve contentment for the group.   This involves financial redistribution transfers through progressive state tax rates to provide an array of services and make direct benefit payments to individuals.  Hillary Clinton argues in “It Takes a Village” that communities are superior to parents at raising children and economist Peter Lindert argues in “Growing Public that state “investments” contribute to economic growth and do not reduce productivity.

But according to a study by the Brussels-based Bruegel think-tank: “Much of Europe suffers from a mutually reinforcing interaction between limited productivity gains, protracted deleveraging, weak banking sectors and distorted relative prices … This combination contributes to an overall weakening of economic growth and threatens to turn into self-perpetuating stagnation.”  The report acknowledged that 30 years ago the economic output of the countries that formed the EU had 15% higher output than the U.S., but by 2017 the output of the EU will be 17% less than the U.S.

The International Monetary Fund warned on April 18th that the EU’s “structural unemployment” rate – that is the unemployment that won’t go away even if the crisis ends and the economy returns to normal – is expected average a staggering 10.1%, up from 7.4% before the European financial crisis began in 2009.

This grim economic outlook threatens substantial financial stress on the solvency of the Dutch and the Germans, whose Aaa credit ratings have backstopped the multiple EU borrowings that rescued Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIIGS) from bankruptcy.  But on July 23rd, Moody’s Investor Services put the Dutch and German premier credit ratings on negative credit watch, in anticipation of a possible credit downgrade.  Moody’s on September 3rd put more financial stress on the Dutch and Germans by also changing the credit outlook to negative for EU debt they guaranteed.

King Willem-Alexander’s words are highly symbolic, since European elites on the
center-right and the center-left have resisted challenging the welfare state as the social contract between Europe’s rulers and those ruled.  Europeans enjoyed decades of lush welfare benefits without paying for full costs.  European economies burdened by high taxes and government interference were able to mask their dismal trade and industry performance through massive amounts of borrowing.  But if the Dutch and Germans pull their guarantees, most of European welfare states will collapse like houses of cards.

All of this should serve as a ringing endorsement for nations around the world to imitate the “American way of life.  But just at the moment of triumph for America’s market and family friendly economic model, the Obama Administration and a few ideologues want the United States bound together with the collapsing European welfare states.

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Anna Bryson gets to the Core of the Public Education Onion

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Common Core comes to the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD).  Common Core is a U.S. education initiative  sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), that seeks to bring diverse state curricula into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform.

The controversial initiative pits advocates of  limited-government and  local control of education against the public school establishment.  Or as syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin might say, “the corrupt establishment  who has tried for decades to impose dumbed-down, politicized curricular conformity in America’s classrooms. Thanks to think tanks, whistle-blowing educators and bloggers, vigilant local and state legislators, and tireless parents committed to protecting their children, the truth about federalized Common Core standards is spreading”

Ms. Malkin started her  journalism career at the Los Angeles Daily News in 1992, moved to the Seattle Times in 1995, and has been a  nationally syndicated newspaper columns for Creators Syndicate since 1999.

CUSD Trustee Anna Bryson has been a vocal opponent of the new standards, saying that it hurts high-performing districts like CUSD.  In a recent piece by the Capo Dispatch titled CUSD adapts to Common Core,Ms Bryson is echoes Ms. Malkin’s position stating that:

“California has had the highest standards in math and English. It’s sad to think that across the state, many districts will implement these lacking, lowered standards….The Common Core is not the ultimate answer. There are better ways of helping our students achieve at a higher level than imposing a blanket standard across the nation.”

“Children are not to be experimented with,” said Bryson, who expressed concern that STAR testing, which has been administered in California since 1999, would be eliminated. “If our students are learning and achieving, why take it away? Why did we trash the nation’s best math and English standards?”

Ms. Bryson is spot on.   There are other more effective ways to peel the already rotten public education onion starting at the core:  Removing the Common Core.

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From the Rising Sun (not Japan) with the Saddleback College Community Chorale

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA --The Saddleback College Community Chorale, part of the  Saddleback College Vocal Program,  will take audiences on a choral journey from dawn through dusk, the beauty of the stars and moon, and the darkness of night on Sunday, October 13th at 4:00 p.m. in the McKinney Theatre. Conducted by Dr. Scott Farthing, with pianist Pennie Foster, this talented chorale will perform works by Ramnish, Barnum, Childs, and others.

Tickets are $15 general and $10 students/seniors. Call the ticket office at 949-582-4656 (noon to 4:00 p.m., Wednesday  through Saturday) to order your tickets or online at

The Saddleback College Vocal Program with its three primary choirs on campus: Community Chorale, Concert Choir, and the Women’s Camerata, which perform many concerts around the area throughout the school year, continues building on that tradition with the very finest in both standard vocal repertoire and the music of the cutting edge

Membership is open in all three ensembles with the successful completion of a vocal placement interview

In addition to beginning, intermediate and advanced level vocal classes, Saddleback College offers private voice lessons to a select few vocalists who are planning on pursuing degrees in vocal performance at the university or conservatory level

. Past students in the applied music program have been accepted to prestigious music schools across the country. In addition, Saddleback College is proud to be one of a handful of community colleges in the state which offer its students the opportunity to perform in operas and opera scenes each semester. Past performances include The Medium, Goose Girl, Suor Angelica, Mozart’s Mitradate and Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love. For more information about singing at Saddleback College, please contact Dr. Farthing at

Saddleback College is located at 28000 Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, just east of Interstate 5 at the Avery Parkway exit. Free parking is available in Lot 12. Take Avery Parkway to Marguerite Parkway turn left to the third traffic light, which is Saddleback’s Marguerite entrance. Turn right into the campus and take the second left to Theatre Circle, turning right into Lot 12.

Located in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College provides quality higher education and training to the greater south Orange County community.  Having served more than 500,000 students since 1968, Saddleback College offers over 300 degree and certificate programs to help students reach their personal, career, and educational goals.  For more information, please visit and for Fine Arts information, please  

Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in the USA: Leavenworth, WA


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Leavenworth, WA –  I have been blessed with not only having been in Munich during Oktoberfest, but riding a log raft down the Isar river, an oompah bands and the best German BBQ meats accompanied with Bavarian Ales and later on partaking of the festivities in downtown Bavaria.

Leavenworth, WA in October

Leavenworth,WA in December

Oktoberfest in Munich is one of the world's biggest annual parties which now attracts more than 6 million revelers each year.

While I cannot be in Bavaria each and every Oktoberfest, there are other cheaper alternatives. Recently,  U.S. News Travel in  a piece identifying the seven of the best Oktoberfest celebrations across the United States, selected Leavenworth as the place to celebrate Octoberfest in the US.  I concur. 

Oktoberfest in Leavernoworth takes place in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, about 115 miles east of Seattle, and expects 35,000 visitors this year. The schedule includes oompah bands, polka music and Bavarian-style dancing, as well as a children's Kinderplatz play area, complete with a rock climbing wall and a bounce house.

Most of the festivities will take place within the Festhalle and Tent area, located downtown on Front Street.

Entry tickets cost $10 on Friday and $20 on Saturday; food and beer cost extra. When your stein runs dry, the city, reminiscent  of a Bavarian village, provides plenty of diversion in the form of Bavarian-themed shops and restaurants.

But wait, there is more.  The Icicle Creek Center for the Arts (ICCA) provides world-class music and entertainment, offerings that are new to both ICCA and the Wenatchee Valley, such as its fall lineup consisting of

Icicle Creek Presents the Met: Live in HD, new opera series starts Saturday, October 5, 2013.  Superb technology and design of the Snowy Owl Theater create an unprecedented opportunity to bring world-class opera to the Wenatchee Valley, courtesy of a partnership with one of the world’s most-renowned and influential opera companies, the Metropolitan Opera. This series uses industry-leading High Definition satellite feed in 60-channel surround sound in the comfort of the Snowy Owl Theater. October 5, 2013 – May 10, 2014. 

New Documentary Film Series  
In a partnership with local community leaders, Icicle Creek offers  a monthly documentary screening in a series entitled Confluence at Icicle Creek. Designed to foster critical thinking and moral deliberation on the issues of the day, each month will see films in the following categories: Nature & Environment, Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Culture, Food & Farming, Social & Economic Justice,  Health and Personal Journeys. All screenings at Snowy Owl Theater on the first Thursday of each month, starting October 3, 2013. A featured area non-profit and subject experts will be featured in a post-showing discussion session. 

New Americana Roots Music Series - 
Blending Icicle Creek’s education mission with pure entertainment, the Rustic Roots Music Series explores the roots of American music. This series offers a sampling of artists performing in various categories of music that flow from the original music of our country, in the rustic splendor of Snowy Owl Theater. Concerts will feature bluegrass, blues, Americana, folk, singer-songwriter and who knows – maybe some jazz and rock. Things kick off October 17, 2013 with a performance by folk music’s renaissance man, John McCutcheon – singer, songwriter, storyteller, master guitarist, activist and all-around entertaining man. 

Renewed Classical Series – 
Led by Artistic Director and pianist Oksana Ezhokina, this Season the Icicle Creek Chamber Players (ICCP) bring “BIG WORKS/BIG IDEAS” to Icicle Creek – performing composers or compositions that constitute big ideas, or major works in the body of classical music. The Chamber Players series kicks off October 18, 2013, and concludes in April, 2014. 

Other Special Events – 
In an ongoing partnership with the Sleeping Lady Foundation, Icicle Creek ipresents several more unique events, starting with the political humor of Capitol Stepson October 4, 2013. And coming next spring, a lecture and workshops on March 14, 2014 by Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way), and a lecture on March 15, 2014by the renowned author Sherman Alexie (Reservations Blues, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian). Community events are front and center as well: Framed, a photography contest sponsored by Icicle Brewing Company including a screening of the documentary film STAND (September 28, 2013) and the run of this year’s Amberleaf Theatre presentation featuring local actors, dancers and singers in the annual send-up of all things Leavenworth (September 26-27 and 29, 2013).

.For more information, contact Lilia Grundy, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts - (509) 548-6347 x42, or email - 

Saddleback College Students in Dead Man’s Cell Phone Comedy

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 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The Saddleback College’s  Department of Theatre Arts announced it will  present Saddleback College students in Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl. Directed by Olivia Trevino with choreography by Deidre Cavazzi,  October 18th through the 27th. 

Photographer: Ken Kinder
 David Patrick Vera, Solana Pric

In this oddball comedy, there is an incessantly ringing cell phone in a quiet cafĂ©, a stranger at the next table who has had enough, and a dead man—with a lot of loose ends. So begins Dead Man's Cell Phone, a wildly imaginative new comedy by Sarah Ruhl, author of The Clean House and Eurydice. Dead Man’s Cell Phone is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc
Olivia Trevino’s concept centers on highlighting and uplifting moments of genuine human connection against the prevailing atmosphere of technological isolation and loneliness. The set design is associated with what is modern, digital, cold, and sleek with a disconnected feeling but also what is antiquated, organic, warm, and textured with real human connection. Not only are the actors rehearsing diligently to bring Dead Man’s Cell Phoneto audiences in October, but the students behind-the-scenes are also working hard in Entertainment and Theatre Technology classes


Puppets created by students in the puppet-making class play a surreal role in depicting technology pressing down on society. Production students are currently involved in building a 20 foot grid for the set, and painting students are painting the wood structure to resemble steel. The director is also excited about an addition of a movement ensemble to help tell the story in a more visual way. 

Choreographer Cavazzi presents spellbinding moments for the audience including a piece that incorporates the surreal puppets crafted by the students. Audiences will enjoy the extra details to enhance the storytelling of this imaginative satire.

Dates are October 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26 at 7:30 p.m. and October 20, 27 at 2:30 p.m.
Tickets can be purchased by calling (949) 582-4656 (noon-4:00 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday) and online at
Prices are $15 general; $10 students/seniors.

The Department of Theatre Arts program at Saddleback College produces several fully-staged shows each year.  All students are given the opportunity to audition for every production yet Theatre Arts students are given priority in the casting process.  In addition, there are numerous opportunities for students to contribute in backstage activities through the Entertainment and Theater Technology program.

Saddleback College is located at 28000 Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo, just east of Interstate 5 at the Avery Parkway exit.  Free parking is available in Lot 12.  Take Avery Parkway to Marguerite Parkway turn left to the third traffic light, which is Saddleback’s Marguerite entrance. Turn right into the campus and take the third left to Theatre Circle, turning right into Lot 12.

Located in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College provides quality higher education and training to the greater south Orange County community.  Having served more than 500,000 students since 1968, Saddleback College offers over 300 degree and certificate programs to help students reach their personal, career, and educational goals.  For more information, please visit and for Fine Arts information, please  

Clubs Meet in Laguna Woods Village, purchase personal liability insurance: HOA



Laguna Woods Village, CA

To Laguna Woods Village Residents:

I wanted to explain the reason I cancelled our Residents VoiceSeptember 19th  monthly meeting.

Please Note;  This cancellation will only affect our September meeting! We will resume our regular monthly meeting schedule in October.

This cancellation is due to the directive in our contracts that states; Club's must purchase and provide  Personal Liability Insurance! The cost for this type of insurance is enormously expensive and prohibitive. If we refuse to agree to these terms and refuse to sign the contract, we will not be allowed to rent or  hold a meeting in any  community facility!

Without this insurance coverage, we would be personally liable for any accident, confrontation, complaint, or mis-hap that would occur during our meeting time!

In the best interest and protection for the Team Leaders, and everyone who supports and attends our meetings, we have cancelled our September 19, meeting.

On September 25, I will attend the All Clubs Presidents Meeting (sponsored by the Recreation Department) where this issue will be discussed and hopefully resolved so that we are able to resume our normal meeting schedule.

I am hopeful we can arrive at an affordable and practical solution to this problem.  I will up-date you on any new information that I receive.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation!

I had submitted my notice of cancellation article to the Globe for the September 12th, edition , when my article did not appear in print I contacted Globe Editor Barbara Potter,  she apologized and promised the article will appear in the September 19th edition of the Globe; Thank you Barbara.  

Residents Voice October meeting date is Thursday, October 17, at 6:30 P.M in Clubhouse Five.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at  949.683.7317. 

I have been rather quiet of late with  up-dated information and informational email blasts; I want to assure all of you that I am still here!  Connie and I have been dealing with his health issues!  After several trips to the Kaiser Emergency Room, lots of tests and doctor appointments etc; We are finally getting some answers and hopefully a handle on how to restore him back to health!  Please keep Connie in your thoughts and prayers.

For The Record!
Residents Voice Strong Opposition on the following Issues:

 (1) The Demolition of Clubhouse Two.
(2) The Closure of  Clubhouse One Fitness Center.
(3) The Centralization of a New Fitness Center.
(4) The building of a new, expensive and un-necessary Super Gym (the city of Laguna Hills is building a new Super Gym at the Laguna Hills Mall as part of their re-modeling project).  
(5) GRF Raising the Transfer Fee from $1500 to  $2500 or possibly $3000!
(6) Candidates for Director from United or Third who support the eighteen million dollar expenditure  proposed by the GRF Recreation Master Plan Committee, while advocating Fiscal Responsibility and Responsible Governance!

Every year we hear the same old rhetoric from prospective board candidates, I will serve all residents of my mutual. Better communication and open dialogue with everyone. I am qualified for this position because of my business background. I have previous board experience, etc. etc.

Question!  What is your plan to accomplish Fiscal Responsibility?   What do you mean by "Safety of our Community."  Do you have a plan to improve Community Safety?  What is your plan?  How do you plan on restoring "Peace and cooperation in our community? These are lofty goals, are you willing to make good on your campaign promises, or are they just more empty promises allowing you to  continue down the road of "Business As Usual?"

We need directors who will work for and make positive and necessary changes!  Changes that will benefit the residents and the community at large through the restoration of common sense, strong oversight and better stewardship of our money.  We need directors who will support "Direct Election" of GRF directors!  Directors that will cut waste and un-necessary expenditures.  We need directors that will restore and preserve what we already have with proper oversight and on-going maintenance.  We need directors that will work within a budget that is cost efficient and effective!

We need directors that will conduct community business with Strong and Dedicated Oversight, Independent Decision Making, Honesty, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Open Communication!

We need Directors that will use an Independent Common Sense approach to daily Mutual Business!

Most importantly; We need Directors that adhere to and acknowledge; The position of a Mutual Board Director is a Position of Service, Not of Power!

Please Vote!   But Vote Informed!!!

If you have any questions you may contact me at 949.683.7317 

Thank you,

Pam Grundke

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