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CRT is not your grandfather's computer screen

Updated 11/1/2021

Camas, WA -  Before Flat Screen televisions, we had CRT  (Cathode Ray Tube) Televisions,  vacuum tubes and transistors.  At that time, integrated circuits were barely showing up.  I studied these components while pursuing an engineering degree carrying a full load and working full time

Cathode Ray Tube as shown by wikipedia:

At this time, we had one female student in the engineering department. If you walked by the engineering school, you could hear a pin drop. And  the university's mascot was a Mighty Aztec, eventually canceled in favor of the more politically correct logo with simply the letters  SD.

In contrast, the liberal arts colleges were always partying or staging a protest du jour, often  protesting  the Vietnam War 

And while we were studying algorithms, liberal arts students where studying euphemisms to disguise their arguments, like

 selling infanticide as women's health, cheating as having an affairs or the sign in a Rite Aid drugstore as shown by Wikipedia: 

  • Family planning for contraceptive
  • Feminine Hygiene for douches
  • Feminine protection for tampons
  • Sanitary protection for diapers 

Liberal arts students were also learning about a different CRT:  Critical Race Theory.

Indicative of the times, the engineering curriculum did not include a single Ethics class.  Instead, it emphasized engineering sense which I refer to simply as common sense. 

While the Cathode Ray Tube was replaced by flat, plasma or LCD screens, Critical Race Theory spread like leaven and can now found in public schools, state and federal governments, including the FBI and the military.  

Appointing a Diversity Officer (such as the FBI's first CDO) based on her color or sexual preference, or  the FBI teaming up with the Girl Scouts, or even the FBI's incessant press releases warning the nation about reporting hate crime may result in  unintended consequences, such as hate crime hoaxes or promoting the LGBT lifestyle. All these are cultural signs, where culture is used as a form of social control.  If you do not like the culture, or the signs or language that define that culture, you do not belong!  That is not diversity!  That is indoctrination.


FBI's Report Hate Crimes and Diversity Campaigns

Critical Race Theory

Proponents of Critical Race Theory use euphemisms like diversity, equity, inclusion and so on, to sell their wares.  Nothing wrong with any of the terms.  It's how they are applied.  Diversity is not just abouo about the freedom to question authority, like we did in the 60s, it is about entertaining different ideas as crazy as they could sound. It's not about shutting down conversations using terms like "the science is settled "  Science never settles.  Or "racist."  Or as I like to say, a sign of top intellect is the ability to make progress in the face of ambiguity.

Diversity and excellence go hand in hand like clouds in a rainy day.  Yet diversity is not like a rainbow.  More like a constellation of stars. And diversity is never easy,  Empathy, patience and listening skills  are required  to fully harvest the output of a diverse group.. I tell the story of Scott Stillinger, inventor of the Kush Ball(r) when he first showed me a prototype and asked me what I thought.  My immediate reaction was  "that's really a useless idea."  I'm glad I never told him,  because after some nine months, from this incident, the Kush Ball was featured in the Wall Street Journal as the best selling toy in America

Its like when my boss asks me to think outside the box, I think I do but then she immediately tells me "no, that's not what I meant "  Does that mean she remained in the box? Just like when Scott showed me the prototype, he was outside the box  while I was inside. 

At this time, Scott Stillinger, Steve Blank, other national luminaries like Ben Wegbreight and Steve Johnson and I worked at Convergent Technologies.  Scott was my manufacturing engineering manager and Steve was a marketing manager.  As Steve, a  University of Michigan dropout writes: 

Put to a vote, I might have been chosen “least likely to succeed” in my New York City high school class. My path has taken me from repairing fighter planes in Thailand during the Vietnam War (a member of the Society of Wild Weasels), and I was lucky enough to arrive at the beginning of the boom times of Silicon Valley in 1978.

I must admit that at this time, I also did not think Steve had that much potential.  This is when Fortune named Convergent the Fastest Growing Company in the world.  A couple of years later, Sott was in full gear producing Koosh balls, while Steve and I worked for Stardent building supercomputer.  Stardent was eventually purchased by Kubota Computer.

Needless to say, it wasn't that Steve didnt have the potential.  He was outside the box, I was in.  Then we of course all know about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg 

I learnt to tell undergraduate and graduate students that if their main reason for attending college is for financial gain, they should drop out.

All this simply shows that the US Education System is in desperate need of a paradigm change.

Students are indoctrinated, not educated

Most high school students are not prepared for college.  According to Sarah Butrymowicz, The Hechinger Report: 

"Most schools place students in what are called remedial courses in math or English before they can move on to a full load of college-level, credit-bearing courses – a process that is a financial drain on not only students, but also colleges and taxpayers, costing up to an estimated $7 billion a year."

 Instead  colleges and  universities do  the job high schools are supposed to do.  A viable option for these students in trade school.  Trade schools  have a more streamlined approach to learning providing students with a specialized skill set rather than focusing on general education  that students care little about  Trade school training takes less time to complete, require little critical thinking & communication skills, it is usually  hands-on and a lot more cost effective

The reason most of these students do not choose trade schools is mostly due to parents, usually highly educated ones, as the Atlantic's Meg St-Esprit writes 

When college is held up as the one true path to success, parents—especially highly educated ones—might worry when their children opt for vocational school instead

Then there are the unscrupulous politicians selling free college for everyone, qualified or not, as well as  colleges in  the Diploma Mill business.

PBS's Sarah Butrymowicz say that 

"Most schools placed students in what are called remedial courses in math or english before they can move on to a full load of college level, credit bearing course - a process that is a financial drain on no only students, but also colleges and taxpayers, costing up to an estimated $7 billion per year"

So taxpayers bear the burden of poorly prepared students to get them ready for college, then have to pay for their financial irresponsibility as they rack up student debt!


Equity theory focuses on determining whether the distribution of resources is fair to both relational partners. Equity is measured by comparing the ratio of contributions and benefits for each person.  I graduated high school with honors and very much wanted to attend UCLA Medical School, but I could not afford it.  So I worked full time, spent three years in community College, transferred to State & earned a BSEE with a Minor in Biomedical Engineering.  Is it equitable for me and thousands of other financially responsible families and students to bear the responsibility of the irresponsibly ones who rack up thousands and  thousands of dollars in student debt bur now demand their debt be forgiven?  Should we file for reparation? 


Inclusion in education refers to a model wherein students with special needs spend most or all of their time with general education students.  Inclusion, like diversity, may sound good but the application is often bashed to the detriment of all students: Recently when a third grade teacher asked students about their favorite food, one child said "sushi!"  Immediately the whole classed laughed & made fun of said child.  Like diversity, inclusion requires a good family support system. specialized teachers, and a mature student body.  Just like the student who like sushi.  A classmate quickly stood up and said, "I love sushi too.  What's wrong with that?" The family of the girl who likes sushi positively reinforced the notion that there is nothing wrong being different. Imagine a special needs child in this same classroom without peer, teacher or family support? Instead of "teaching" other students how to live in the real world, it could be traumatizing.  Recall that most high school students in general education classes are not equipped to live in the real world! 

Then there are those politicians and educators who want to criminalize homeschooling or fight school choice, forcing students into a one-size, government option fits all.

If the motives of Critical Race Theory proponents were serious, using engineering sense, or common sense if you will they would be in the front lines trying to stop the Black Genocide:  Planned Parenthood kills millions of preborns, mostly African American.  

African American Family Structure and Black Genocide

They would fight to prevent the extinction of the African American nuclear family as they work to save the Hallsville Turtles In 1965 25% of African American children were raised fatherless.  Now it is up to 75-80% .   Boys without fathers in the home have a noticeably higher rate of incidence of drug abuse, school dropout, crime and delinquency, and teen pregnancy

But they don't 

They would work on getting rid of Biden's Crime Bill, which codified Institutional racism.  President Trump, against all odds, was able to chip at this wall, but no effort since then

The Heritage Foundation has an excellent free book detailing how to spot Critical  Race  Theory & How To Fight it - click here for a copy

Friday, October 29, 2021

Beware of USPS Bearing Weasel-Speak

Camas- WA

Arguably the USPS played a pivotal role in the 2020 elections. FiveThirtyEight puts it this way:

We may have seen it coming, but now we know for sure: The coronavirus pandemic made the 2020 election look different from any other election in recent memory. Due to the massive expansion of mail voting, a staggering number of Americans cast their ballots before Election Day. And due to then-President Donald Trump’s false claims that mail voting would lead to election fraud, a huge partisan gap emerged between ballots cast by mail and ballots cast on Election Day.

While the New Your Times claims to fact check mail-in voting false hoods

With such truth over facts scenario, and both sides digging their heels waiting for history to pass judgment, we take a simple system's view:  We look at the inputs, then the outputs and we guess at plausible transfer function - that is, a best guesstimate as to what really happened.

We know for example that the USPS unions endorsed Biden and that over 80% of the USPS workers voted for Biden.

We also know that some 60-90% of security breaches happen due to Inside Jobs,  The wide range is not an anomaly - a great number of victim organizations are reluctant to admit to any security breach for obvious reasons.  We also know that insiders with motive, have a MOM:  Motive, Opportunity and Means - enough to easily commit any crime, such as voter fraud.

We know that as part of the inputs, President Trump was ahead inall vote counts, then voting stopped.  Three hours later, Biden was declare the winner.

On the output side, we know Biden was declared the winner and the USPS got rewarded with a vaccine mandate exemption, a price increase, slower service and a worse customer service than the DMV 

In weasel-speak:  

The price changes will raise overall Market Dominant product and service prices by approximately 6.9 percent. First-Class Mail prices will increase by 6.8 percent to offset declining revenue due to First-Class Mail volume declines

The USPS also says that dominant products go up by about 7%, and says that the USPS says it has more flexibility pricing competitive products 

TRANSLATION:  Price increase mostly affects small businesses & Middle Class AND is actually much higher since the service  goes from #SnailMail standard to #SlothMail 

Just last week at the #CamasWA USPO a lady shocked at new USPS prices refused the service and simply walked out shaking her head. At the same time, USPS clerk yelled at customer for insertinga  credit card too early - the computer was too slow and the clerk took it out on the customer

New USPS prices help Amazon since Amazon :want to be a new kind of U.S. Postal Service where everything can get everywhere, but also quickly," said e-commerce consultant Chris McCabe

If you closely follow the inputs and check out the outputs, as well as the media and big tech synchrony that we have seen before, clearly the 2020 election was impacted by an Inside Job!


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Kudos to the City Of Camas Boo Bash Organizers

 Camas, WA - Kudos to the City of Camas organizers for putting up a very successful  Boo Bash yesterday

Successful not only on attendance but also safety, friendliness and family atmosphere - sorely lacking in the area.

We drove around the city 30 minutes after the start of the event, and there was little to no parking.  Even the Safeway parking lot was full with a good number of Boo Bash attendees 

There seem to be a good number of volunteers and signage to control traffic and as far as we know, there were no reported casualties

While raining throughout the event, parents & kids were in a festive mood.  The candy givers were not trying to sell their wares, but just trying to be nice to children

We even caught the Senescu Family with no expected political signs to identify them - Mrs Senescu even reached out to me to hand me a piece of candy!

Good job all!


If you carve, don't starve a child - don't let pumpkins go to the landfills 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

TCBJ Political Index Debuts in Camas-Washougal Mayoral Race

  Camas WA - We have successfully used the CotoBuzz Journal's political index, or Poldex(c) for more than 10 years, but this is the first time we use it in the Camas- Washougal area. Poldex uses a simple but effective name recognition methodology as opposed to face recognition

The community is deep in controversy. In Washougal City Hall, without environmental studies nor residents input, the destroyed the Hartwood Park's natural habitat frequented by residents, in favor of an adult Disc Golf Course catering to a small specialized affinity group, albeit, disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in modern times according to The Disc golf course in Washougal happens to be located right  next to a children's park.
While the local media like the Columbian and the Camas Post Record have been very supportive of the Disc Golf Course project but has failed to report on the objections: To date the City has not addressed children's safety from errant discs or pedophiles, the reason for disturbing a natural habitat frequented by residents In favor of an outsider vocal minority  and nuisance residents already experiencing a concentration of vagrants & subsequent nuisance.
The two remaining candidates for Mayor in Washougal have failed to take a public stance on the project: Paul Greenle is and insider currently serving in the City Council. Rochelle Ramos seats in the City's Park Board
In Camas property taxes have gone up eight out of the last nine years. Then there is the $78 million pool bond, which failed 90-10 and a a drug detox center was located next to an elementary school - similar to the Washougal Disc Golf Course

Camas political signs at the local Safeway parking loite
Camas political signs at the local Safeway parking loiteCotobuzz

In Camas, Steve Hogan, member of the City Council is running against Jennifer Senescu.
Jennifer Senescu political flyer
Jennifer Senescu political flyerJennifer Senescu For Mayor Campaign

In the past, Poldex has been very accurate and its when did a reasonable test, the results seemed reasonable. No this time, The results do not seem reasonable, but here they are.

Candidate Index
Rochelle Ramos    10
Paul Greenle     1
Steve Hogan     9
Jennifer Senescu    0.1

If you have not voted, you may want to send us a note and tell us why Poldex is right or wrong.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Get ready for Halloween, starve a child

Camas, WA -  PBS wants you to be ready for Halloween  

PBS Wants you to buy the Green New Deal 

PBS wants you to think of infanticide as Women's Health 

PBS uses FBI as a source to promote Critical Race Theory despite the 2020 FBI Hate Crime Statistics 

Did we mention that PBS' Yamiche gets offended if she is asked to respect the US flag?

On the other hand, Americans will spend over, $2 billion on pumpkins this year - most will end up in landfills instead of the stomach of hungry kids, 13 million just in America alone 

Pope Francis says:  

"Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature, is incompatible with the justification of abortion" 

But Faux Justice Warriors like the DNC, Hollywood & PBS with a high degree of Belief Gap, love to promote  the Green New Deal. And at the same time, the same Old Bum Deal for the millions of unborns,  mostly African American.

According to the Washington Examiner, Senate Democrats, unveiled  legislation on Monday, October 18, 2021, which cut core border security funding, allow taxpayer funding for abortion, and lift domestic spending by 14%, among many other provisions.

Consider that 

Democrat policies have wiped out the African American nuclear family: In 1965 25% of African American children were raised in a fatherless home. Today is 75% and 100% by 2024

Planned Parenthood kills millions of unborns, mostly African American. We ask: How many more African American unborns need to die before it is called Black Genocide

The Biden Crime Bill codifies Institutional racism

But not to worry, because the DNC, FBI and Main Stream Media in daily press briefing warn about hate crimes. Implying that America is Racist.  Contrary to the 2020 FBI's Hate Crime Statistics which show Blacks are more likely to commit hate crimes than Whites

Friday, October 22, 2021

Camas - Washougal Mayoral Race Poldex(c) - The Race To The Bottom

Camas WA - We were looking forward to using The CotoBuzz Journal's Poldex(c) for the first time in the Mayoral Race in the Camas-Washougal area.

In Washougal, Paul Greenle, an establishment candidate, member of the city council is running against a

not so fresh face Rochelle Ramos. Not so fresh face, because she sits in the Parks Board and went along with the Disc Golf Course Project, or at last failed to take a public stand

In Camas, Steve Hogan, the ultimate insider is running against Jennifer Senescu. Hogan has not met a tax initiative he didn't like, a good reason why Camas has been losing jobs.

Hogan - Senescu

In the past, Poldex has been very accurate and its output intuitively.  This time we thought we had a simple insider vs outsider race -  Poldex says we do not.  The results in fact, do not feel right, yet here they are

Rochelle Ramos    10

Paul Greenle            1

Steve Hogan            9

Jennifer Senescu    0.1

If the Poldex is accurate as in the past, Ms. Ramos and Mr. Hogan will be the new Mayors hands down,

Thursday, October 21, 2021

If NASA can use SpaceX, why is it Schools Don't Use Something Like Uber for School Buses?

 Camas, WA -  There is such  a severe shortage of bus drivers, that many states are considering calling 

in the National Guard to drive your kids to school.  There is also a shortage of Nannies & Merchandisers. 

Nurses, Doctors, Pilots. Police officers, coaches & Others are being terminated for lack of a vaccine passport.  We should note that Teachers unions influenced last-minute CDC school guidance and  received copies before public release.

Exacerbating the talent shortage, Americans are leaving the workplace in record numbers, either because the government pays to not work or they got used to not working

So why is it that school districts insist on being in the transportation business?   While the student population using buses has remained relatively flat for two decades, costs have spiraled out of control

The  according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the total number of students transported at taxpayers expense since 1980 has been relatively constant, but the expense per transported student in 1980, on an adjusted basis was $198, and by 2008 it exploded to $854 and  $982 by  2017 while sales of buses increased 45% between 2010 & 2019 

To be expected, the  #NSTA is proud of the work the industry is  doing 

So, Why is it that in a sharing economy, school districts are in the transportation business with

SpaceX Company

predictably sky rocketing expenses? While it is not rocket science, NASA figured out that it is most cost effective to focus on core competencies and  why it offloads some of  its work to others like Space-X and Jeff Bezos Blue Origin.

We can use ride sharing like Uber or Lyft.  We can even avoid hotels and stay at any of a number of B&B properties around the world.  What about calling Grubhub to get a snack while you digest this piece?

Yet school districts insist on being in the transportation business, usually citing the NIH Syndrome - Not invented here.  This type of mind set leads to wasteful spending like the Air Force $10,000 toilet seat .  For additional details on wasteful spending, refer to  Forbes  Adam Andrzejewskipiece titled  Where’s The Pork? U.S. Taxpayers Funded A Lot Of Wasteful Spending (2017-2019)

Another typical excuse used is that of children's safety.  Again, its not rocket science.  NASA has figured it out, and the school districts can do it just as easily 

A plausible explanation is the Teachers Unions, after all the Teachers Unions control the legislature in Blue States 

The Teachers Unions turned schools & universities into a  what we call a Devshirme System: more indoctrination less education 

Why graduates like 

  • NYT's Jody Rosen sees the Anthem as a bad song 

  • Public Radio's Renea Goddard torches squad cars 
  • NPR's Taylor Maloney complains communist's rights to kill cops is not popular 
  • NPR falsely claims Hunter Biden's laptop story discredited by intel agencies 
  • PBS' Yamiche is offended when she's asked to respect the flag 
  • NPR's Josie Huang  may think  it's  OK  to  charge at police  officers 
  • NPR uses FBI as a source to promote Critical Race Theory the Asian American Hate Hoax & the FALSE narrative that America is Racist .  The FBI's own 2020 Hate Crime Statistics show something different

Even woke FBI Director Christopher Wray says that Civics Education is a national imperative. Yet the FBI spied on the Trump campaign, was involved in the Jan 6th civil disorder & joins the Girl Scouts to promote the LGBT lifestyle.  Now the FBI is getting involved tin school board meetings, because according to the DOJ, there may be parents protesting during school board meetings and they can be considered domestic terrorists

The School Districts'  core competency should be education, not transportation.  Teaching critical thinking not indoctrination.  Yet politicians want to criminalize home schooling and school choice. Why? 

All reasons why we advocate abolishing the Department of Education

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Washougal Answers Disc Golf Course Questions - The Wrong Ones

Washougal, WA
- Today, Michelle Wright, Public Works Business Administrator, in an email, provided some answers to the City's Disc Golf Course Project - The wrong ones!

We believe the most important questions still need to be answered - For example
1. Accountability - will anyone be held accountable for unilaterally disturbing a natural Habitat and repurposing it for a a disc golf course?

2. Discrimination: the Disc Golf Course is discriminatory: it disturbed a natural Habitat with trails frequented by families, next to a toddlers park

And replaced it with an adult Disc Golf Course favored by a specialized adult affinity group - Next to a toddlers park More than likely, the displaced families pay property taxes, whereas the potential Disc golf course users do not

A disc golf course in ANY city is a poor financial decision, best handled by a private concern.

3. Safety - A disc golf course is incompatible with a toddlers park: The children may be hurt by errant discs and or pedophiles - Refer to today's daily FBI Press releases from just ONE office.

Today's FBI Headlines, in just ONE city

A disc golf course next to a children's park is like opening a liquor store next to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting place

The safety issue csn only be addressed by unsightly fences- say like a Berlin Wall & heavy policing at night & on the weekends

: The consultant mentioned in your missive compares apples & crabapples: can he or she mention a disc golf course in ANY environmentally sensitive area next to a children's' park

Wrong Answers From the City

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 1:27 PM, Michelle Wright <> wrote:



Good Morning,


The Parks Department would like to thank you for all the participation during our neighborhood outreach meetings.  The City has had some great conversations about the disc golf course.  The City has been working on addressing all the questions and concerns.  All the questions will be answered in a question-and-answer format below.  If the City missed anything, “please do not respond all,” but reach out to Kelly or I directly.


  1. What is the City’s goal for a disc golf course?
    • #1 design a course that will be an asset to the neighborhood and community and provide recreation opportunities for all ages and community members
    • Develop an outreach program with the neighbors to share the design, next steps, and balance between community needs and neighborhood happiness
    • Work with an Environmental firm to permit and complete any necessary mitigation for this course (which will require removing some of invasive blackberry bushes, which we have started)
    • The disc golf course design will be 9 holes, clear directional signage, and safe for the playground and walkers


  1. The City had a request to move out the tee pad for hole 6.
    • The City sent this request to the designer and will work on making this adjustment.


  1. The City had neighbor requests on hole 6 and 7 to plant Douglas Firs and vegetation to be a noise and visual barrier.
    • The City is picking up our first truck load of 15 Douglas Firs today, so once the City receives these, we will reach out to the neighbors that wanted to help with the plantings. Park Staff is ordering more Douglas Firs and White Oaks, but don’t have a final delivery date yet.


  1. The City had a question about disc golf tournaments.
    • The disc golf course is for the community and families and not a facility for tournaments.


  1. The neighbors have requested something be added to the main pole of the baskets to diminish the ringing noise.
    • Below is the fix for the disc basket chain ringing noise (we will monitor the effectiveness and make adjustments as needed):



  1. There is more smoking and cussing in the park now that the disc golf course is at the park.
    • Please note all the cities in the area are seeing an increase in usage and bad behavior at all parks.  The Park Board is working on updating our park rules, which hasn’t been done for several years.  This will be discussed at our 10/20/21 meeting.


  1. When was the Disc Golf Course discussed at Council or the Park Board Meetings?  Below is a list of previous discussions with dates:

  1. Why was this project NOT listed in your current Park Master Plan for 2021?
    • The disc golf course was under construction while the plan was being developed.  Please note it was included in the inventory section of the plan:



  1. Why was Hartwood park defined in the Park Plan as Neighborhood park?


Park Types

City parks are classified according to their function. The City classifies and defines parks by type to provide guidance for the siting, location and design of each park based on its intended purpose and role in the park system.

10.               Neighborhood Parks provide close-to-home recreation opportunities. These parks provide both active and passive recreation opportunities for people living within approximately one-half mile walking distance of the park.

  • Please note even if a park is defined a neighborhood park, it still can be used by the community.  The largest park maintained by the City of Washougal is the Hartwood/Campen Creek/Eldridge park.  The Park Board is looking for recreation activities for all ages and disc golf was one of those options.  Park Types can change as park change.


  1. How have you addressed the safety concerns?
    • This course has been designed by a professional all buffers, trails and playground were taken into consideration in all the design elements.
    • Clear signage has been designed for the course, to show course direction, mark wetland area, and safety signs.
    • There are not any baskets around the playground area and buffer
    • Trees will be installed in open field, buffer zone and Eldridge Park.
    • One bench will be moved to a new location
    • Split rail fence has been installed around the playground
    • Buffer zones of 30 to 40 ft have been proposed in the course design
    • Improved basket spacing
    • Restrooms have been made available
    • Park Rules are being updated to include no smoking and machetes aren’t allowed


  1. How will any liability be handled at Hartwood?
    • The City inquired about disc golf incident experience across the State with our pool insurance provider who provides coverage for many cities and parks agencies across the state. They reported that disc golf related incidents are not a significant issue for which they require or suggest any specific guidelines. They did agree with the approach that our designer is taking in redesigning   the course to have larger buffer zones decreasing the opportunity for conflict due to errant discs striking persons or property. Generally, liability at this location is covered similarly as all other City parks and facilities. 


  1. How can you use this land in other ways when the City used funding from the Recreation and Conservation Grant and the Park Conservation Grant?
    • Most of the purchase for the Hartwood/Eldridge/Campen Creek was with City funding and a Recreation and Conservation Office Grant, which has already approved disc golf.
    • We are working with the Legacy Land Team at Clark County re: the Conservation Futures Grant, which was a very small portion of the purchase.  They have preliminarily indicated that a disc golf course is compatible provided the types of measures we are incorporating into the redesign are done. We continue to work with them on this issue.


  1. Why wasn’t the environmental assessment done before the design of the disc golf course?
    • It is acknowledged that the City got out in front of this issue on this project. We have re-grouped and are ensuring that all necessary reviews and approvals are obtained. Preliminary information in this process indicates that our course re-design will likely meet requirements, but the process is still underway.


  1. Parking at Hartwood Park?
    • The City will monitor the parking at Hartwood, we will also research other parking options if this becomes necessary.  With the Park going to 9 holes, parking may not become an issue.


  1. What will the Environmental Assessment and mitigation plan provide?
    • Critical Area Assessment will involve the identification and mapping of the Campen Creek Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) and the boundaries of any wetlands identified within the project area. Wetlands will be identified and delineated in accordance with the methods described in the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual and the Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast (Version 2.0).

                                                               i.      Field data will be collected on standardized wetland determination data forms. Wetland determination plot locations, snapshot photograph locations, and wetland boundaries will be mapped using a GPS unit.

    • Following the field work, Environmental agency will complete a critical areas report that details the results of the field work. Identified wetlands will be rated according to the Western Washington Wetland Rating Forms which establish the wetland category and appropriate buffers as per the CAO.
    • The Critical Area report will include a discussion of functions currently provided by critical areas on the site that will serve as the baseline for determining appropriate mitigation.
    • Critical Area Mitigation Plan will quantify the footprint of proposed facilities and include narratives regarding the potential functional impacts to critical areas on the site which include riparian habitat and wetlands.

                                                               i.      The mitigation plan will detail the location and extent of proposed impacts as well as mitigation measures. The mitigation plan will include a narrative that address how the proposed mitigation measures will be completed.


  1. Once the mitigation plan is in place what’s next?
    • The City will share the plan with the neighbors
    • The City will be completing a Critical Areas Permit, SEPA Checklist, and Wetland Application


  1. Can I see a DRAFT map of the Disc Golf Course?


I hope this email has been informative and answered all your questions and concerns about the disc golf course; please let staff know if you have any further questions or concerns.





MICHELLE WRIGHT  Public Works Business Administrator

360.835.8501 ext. 206 |

Public Works | 1615 C Street| Washougal, WA 98671

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


NOTICE: This e-mail account is part of the public domain. Any correspondence and attachments, including personal information, sent to and from the City of Washougal are subject to the Washington State Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW, and may be subject to disclosure to a third party requestor, regardless of any claim of confidentiality or privilege asserted by an external party. If the disclaimer can't be applied, take no action.