Friday, December 15, 2006

Coto de Caza's StripperGate


The OC Register’s coverage of an incident contained in the November 23, 2006 Sheriff’s Blotter is getting curioser and curioser.

According to the Sheriff’s blotter, Thursday, November 23 at 2:29 am “an informant said a South Bend Road guard allegedly said he was going to arrest a female unless she followed the guard into a secluded area and stripped for him”. After numerous calls to the Sheriff’s office and talking to various representatives, we finally got an “official account:” from investigator Bramwell.

However, the OC Register’s CanyonLife issue today December 15, 2006 contains an “update” which basically states that the Sheriff made a mistake in the blotter.

Repeated calls to the Sheriff’s office to straighten this StripperGate have gone answered: Either the Sheriff made a mistake, or the OC Register’s coverage was wrong, or a combination thereof?

OC Register's Retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence admission?

CanyonLife’s Retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence?

The December 15, 2006 issue of the CanyonLife contains what can best be described as an obscure “OCR retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence admission”
It states in part that “According to Investigator Todd Bramwell of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, deputies on the scene took a statement from the stripper in which the stripper stated that no guard made any attempt to solicit her, nor did they ask her to strip for them. Bramwell said deputies reported there was no crime committed and that the item as recorded by the sheriff’s department was incorrect” – So was this incident Much Ado About Nothin? - Why did a Sheriff’s representative show up in the first place?

It should be noted that under California law, underage drinking and driving is not a crime – yet. It will be starting in 2007. Further, “pretexting” is not a federal crime – yet. Finally, the OCR’s characterization of Bramwell’s statements is inconsistent with the investigator’s statement to us.

Attempts to mislead average Joe again, you suppose?

CZsnailBot Vs. TradeBot

About four years ago, Dave Cummings moved his trading firm’s computers from a storefront in a Kansas City suburb to buildings in New York and New Jersey that house central computers for two big electronic stock exchanges.

The move, according to the WSJ (December 15, 2006) “shave a precious fraction of a second from the time it takes Mr. Cummings’s firm to buy or sell stock on computer-based exchanges….”

On a related story, the Coto de Caza (CZ) association board of directors voted unanimously to stop received email from a former director, because : “ The association, its members, its agents and its management company have received hundreds of emails over the past few years”

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CotoBuzz to Publish Citations for Traffic Violations.

Since we announced that we would be publishing the names of Coto de Caza residents arrested for DUI, there has been but one Coto resident, and that happen the first week we started the report.

The top five communities with most DUI arrest as of 12/12/2006 are:

To Date Arrests: No Position

San Juan Capistrano 33 1
San Clemente 22 2
Santa Ana 18 3
San Diego 12 4
Laguna Beach 12 5

Given the success of the DUI initiative and that the citation distribution in Coto de Caza for those age 50 and older is greater (18%) than those cited in the age range of 18-20 (16%), we are working with the CHP to see if it is feasible to publish the names of those Coto de Caza residents older than 21 years.

Make It Home for the Holidays

COTO DE CAZA, CA - Prosecutors throughout California today launched a
coordinated statewide campaign, the first of its kind in the nation, to battle a rising tide of driving under the influence arrests and fatalities. The campaign is in response to recent statistics showing an alarming increase in DUI arrests and injuries in California despite declining number in the rest of the country.

Press conferences were held simultaneously by District Attorneys across California to unveil the California District Attorney Association's "Make It Home for the Holidays," campaign and to announce a $3.6 million grant from the federal Office of Transportation Safety, to assist prosecutors in California in combating DUI offenses.

"This is a landmark effort by CDAA," said Gerald Shea, San Luis Obispo District Attorney and president of CDAA. "Never before has there been a coordinated effort by prosecutors throughout California, or any state, to reduce the number of DUI arrests and DUI related fatalities."

Monday, December 11, 2006

The History of Communications According to the Coto de Caza Board of Directors

December 11, 2006
The History of Coto de Caza Communications:776 BC - First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send message - the winner of the Olympic Games to the Athenians.

59 BC - Julius Caesar keeps people informed with handwritten sheets

1850 - Paul Julius Reuter, noticed that news need no longer take days or weeks to travel from one country to another using electric telegraph. In 1850, the 34-year-old Reuter was based in Aachen, Germany (close to the Dutch and Belgian border) and began to use the newly opened Berlin-Aachen telegraph to send news back to Berlin. But there was a 76-mile gap in the telegraph between Aachen and Brussels. Reuter spotted the opportunity to speed up news between Brussels and Berlin by using homing pigeons to bridge the gap in the telegraph.

1910 - During WWI:  The homing pigeon was indispensable to military communications at a time when wireless or telephone communications could be cut or bugged. Corps of trainers bred these "weapons", as Woodhall described them, which would fly vast distances to return to their nests. Although Belgium was the first to use homing pigeons in large numbers, it was forced to release them -- more than 30,000 -- when German forces advanced into the country at the beginning of the war
So important were these creatures to the allies that they created a special branch of the intelligence services to tend to them. Allied spies would use them to dispatch messages, pilots would carry them on board in the event they had to send off a hasty SOS and ships could use them to warn of approaching danger.

1994- American government releases control of internet and WWW is born - making communication at light speed.

Dec. 2006 – The Coto de Caza board of directors unanimously agree to use the post office to process requests from certain homeowners.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Comedy & Magic at Saddleback College- January 6, 2007

Tom Ogden

December 9, 2006

The International Guest Artist Series presents a Periwinkle Entertainment Production of An Evening of Comedy & Magic on January 6 at 8:00 p.m. in the McKinney Theatre, Saddleback College . Award-winning master Illusionist Chuck Jones & Company returns direct from his 8th year of winter tours across Australia and New Zealand to headline this year’s all star production. Also in the line-up are George Saterial, magic’s only two-time gold medal champion; Farrah Siegal, multi-award-winning champion and yo-yo expert; Dale Salwak, the gentleman of magic, Tom Ogden, International comedy magician and Stoil & Ekaterina, the startling magical transformations.

This popular show for the whole family sells out every year so order your tickets now before they all disappear! To order tickets: (949) 582-4656

Ticket prices are $30 general; $28 students/seniors; $25 children 12 and under and Saddleback College students with current ASG card.

Saddleback College is located at 28000 Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo , just east of Interstate 5 at the Avery Parkway exit. Parking is available in Lot 12.

The International Guest Artist Series is made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Angels, a support organization for the performing arts.

Friday, December 08, 2006

NGEN 9-1-1 Project Celebration. Where is Coto?

NGEN 9-1-1 Project Celebration. Where is Coto?

The OCSD cordially invites you to attend a ceremony recognizing the recent completion of the Cellular 9-1-1 Deployment Project in Orange County. The event is scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2006 at 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. at the Orange County Transportation Management Center 6681 Marine Way, Irvine, 92618.

This three-year project involved cooperation and coordination between the State of California’s Department of General Services 9-1-1, twenty-three Orange County Public Safety 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers and five Wireless Service Providers (Verizon, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular).

The result of this project provides cellular phone users within Orange County, a rapid and more efficient9-1-1 emergency services response.

Please join Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona, Irvine Police Chief Dave Maggard representing theOrange County Police Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association, and Division Chief Skip Carter of the CaliforniaHighway Patrol, and other members from public safety agencies, for a ceremony recognizing the highlights and partnerships involved in this significant project.

CotoBuzz readers may recalled that we recently had to use the old 911 number, and no-one responded. A CHP representative told us that the call center agent did not know where Coto de Caza was – perhaps NEX-GEN-911 takes care of that issue?

[COTO DE CAZA]It is Official and Unanimous: CZ - Dumb Just Got Dumber

COTO DE CAZA]It is Official and Unanimous: CZ - Dumb Just Got Dumber

By Joseph Morabito, former member Coto de Caza Board of Directors.

Hello All: I received a letter today from CZ informing me that the incompetent Varo/Mezger CZ Board has voted unanimously not to respond to any e-mail inquiry I may make of the CZ Board or its agents. I am now required to use US Mail to make an inquiry or I suppose I can just walk across the street from my office building and deliver a letter in writing myself to Vinnie Davis at Keystone. But, I don’t intend to do either. I will continue to use e-mail as my method of communications. If the CZ Board and/or Vinnie don’t respond to legitimate inquires from any dues paying member whether by e-mail or letter, they are in violation of their fiduciary responsibility which is really nothing new for this CZ Board. What a bunch of dopes! First of all, most of the e-mails that I write concerning the workings of CZ are not directed to the CZ Board or its agents. I copy them in as a courtesy; but I really don’t care what they think because the Varo/Mezger CZ Board is the most incompetent in the history of Coto. I am out of town until next week; but when I get back to Coto, I will scan the letter sent by CZ and e-mail it out to all to demonstrate that dumb just got dumber.

The Varo/Mezger CZ Board has squandered our monies resulting in two unnecessary dues increases in just two years, exposed our Members to danger and liability on our streets resulting in two tragic deaths, a serious lawsuit and many traffic accidents, subsidized all the piggies at the trough at our expense, ignored the binding legal agreement governing Oakview/Oakknoll and or lost the agreement, made a mess of our landscaping, failed to manage security in Coto, etc. etc. Be assured, this unfounded arrogance from those so incompetent is not going to stop my e-mails again because the US Constitution does not stop at our gates. What a joke! Varo/Mezger and their agents are going to ignore my e-mails. Big deal! I may need to consult a psychologist to deal with the rejection. Joe Morabito P.S. If Keystone, as our property manager does not respond to a legitimate inquiry from a CZ Member in good standing that is paying their fees, whether it comes by e-mail, letter or carrier pigeon, they should be fired.

Hi Joe: Thanks for the information. Now the Coto de Caza board can be formally, unanimously and officially continue to be known as the Varo/Mezger board…. which we had predicted would happen, if we may say so: Can you name one decision made by this Varo/Mezger board that was not unanimous? This is consistent with Jerry Mezger’s position that he will only discuss association affairs with those residents who agree not to send copies of their complaints to the media in general and to CotoBuzz specifically. So, as long as you continue to send us copies of your emails, you can be considered a persona-non- grata. You may recall that a couple of year back, Mezger gave us a choice: Either we kick you out of the Coto Discussion Forum, or he stops engaging us Guess what decision we made? Of course, on the surface it sounds extremely bleak and shocking. It is neither – mostly as you would say “feel good” actions, and as stated before, something to be expected. If you review every single response you have received to date from the new general manager, there has been a total lack of substance. So instead of sending our condolences, we shall send you our congratulations for finally exposing the Varo/Mezger board as a Varo/Mezger board. BUZZ

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coto de Caza Guard pretending to be a cop- The Rest of The Story

December 6, 2006

According to the Sheriff’s blotter, Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 2:29 am “an informant said a South Bend Road guard allegedly said he was going to arrest a female unless she followed the guard into a secluded area and stripped for him”.

After numerous attempts to get a suitable response from the OCSD, we finally got the official word from investigator Todd Bramwell: Apparently the female visiting Coto de Caza the day in question was not allowed to have a companion with her while she was on duty. So she went on to run her errands, leaving her bodyguard by the gates. On her way out, the conversation between the feamle her companion and the guard at the gates, escalated and the Sheriff was called in. According to investigator Bramwell, the Sheriff’s representative on the scene interviewed all participants and determined that a crime was not committed and the case was closed.

When we asked investigator Bramwell if he was aware of the various public safety issues surrounding Coto de Caza, including an attempted rate a few days earlier, he said he did not know. “I do not know what to tell you”, said Bramwell.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006



#1: Call/Write your State Senator AND Assemblyman/ woman -- tell them:


CONTACT BOTH OF YOUR SENATORS. You can find their phone numbers here:
http://www.castleco legislation/ senators. html. Or you can
e-mail them through this link:
https://action. default.aspx? actionID= 286.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Coto de Caza Guard pretending to be a cop?

December 1, 2006
According to Sheriff’s blotter, Thursday, November 23 at 2:29 am “an informant said a South Bend Road guard allegedly said he was going to arrest a female unless she followed the guard into a secluded area and stripped for him”.

This incident if accurate, is consistent with the concerns we have consistently raised in this forum – should be thoroughly investigated. Refer to Sheriff’s and/or the December 1, 2006 issue of the CanyonLife’s “Canyon Police Blotter”