Friday, July 17, 2015

CALIF AG Kamala D. Harris not one to waste a crisis, Issues Consumer Alert in Response to UCLA Health Data Breach

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - as reported by various news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, the UCLA Health System said Friday that it has been the victim of a criminal cyberattack affecting as many as 4.5 million patients.

Not one to waste a crisis, Harris immediately issued a consumer alert stating that "Individuals who believe they may have been impacted can contact UCLA Health at 877-534-5972 or visit for more information and options to sign up for free services offered by UCLA." So, if UCLA is being proactive, why is the AG involved?  Should she instead not be involved investigating abusive HOAs as we have requested many times?

But not to despair, the Attorney General’s Breach Help: Tips for Consumers has simple instructions for consumers who have been affected by a breach and includes what to do in response to a Social Security number breach, and wait, for it...! Breach Help is also available in Spanish.

And even more helpful tips paid for by your taxpayer dollars:

First Aid for Medical Identity Theft: Tips for Consumers

En Español: Primeros auxilios para el robo de identidad médica: Consejos para los consumidores

Breach Help: Tips for Consumers

En Español:  Ayuda en caso de robo de datos confidenciales

How to Order Your Free Credit Reports

En Español:  Cómo encargar sus informes de crédito gratuitos

How to "Freeze" Your Credit Files

Identity Theft Victim Checklist

En Español: Lo que deben hacer las víctimas de robo de identidad

Top 10 Tips for Identity Theft Protection

En Español:  Los 10 consejos para protegerse contra el robo de identidad

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