Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How long does it take to close an Earthlink Account?

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - So how long does it take to close an Earthlink account?  If you are lucky, one year.  After enduring more than 16 years with Earthlink, I finally decided to switch service providers more than a year ago.  The main reason for switching service providers was customer care.  Every single time I called technical support, I was read a list of things to do, none of which solved my problem.  I then had to research the problem and solve it on my own.

Roughly a year ago, I called Earthlink to have my service cancelled.  As in the past, I got through a call center most likely in India, as in the past.  The environment was too loud coupled with the accent, made it difficult to communicate, so the operation had to be repeated a couple of times.  What was clear, is that the agent did not want me to close the account.  He offered special discounts and bonuses if I kept the account open.  I told the agent that this was too late, as I already had the new service provider on line.

After repeated calls, one line items was closed in December of 2015.  Since then, Earthlink kept invoicing me for the second line item.

After three letters to American Express and a Twitter rant, magically the account seems to have been close as of this Monday.  Almost a year to the date since I commenced the cancellation process.

Interestingly enough, Consumer Affairs gives Earthlink one out of five stars based on customer complaint, while another website in its Earthlink Complaints & Reviews shows similar results 

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