Sunday, July 09, 2017

Graham McCain: Democrats/MSM Useful Idiots

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Listening to failed presidential candidates and globalists, Lindsay Graham and John McCain in the Sunday shows would lead you to believe that they are Clinton supporters:  War mongers, anti-GOP.  Whether its is health care reform, tax reform or the Russia-Trump connection, it looks as if they are using Senator Chuck Schumer's talking points, rather than being constructive in supporting president Donald J. Trump's legislative agenda.

Perhaps CNN is right.  Voters are stupid and they keep re-electing officials like Maxine Waters, Graham and McCain.  I do not share CNN's view.  What I do know is that

1) Graham and McCain are adored by CNN/Mainstream Media(MSM)/Democrats.  Thy are their favorite Useful Idiots.
2) The Evil Twins in the past have characterized the president's Tweets as un-Presidential.  I can extrapolate and say their campaigns were also un-presidential, since they have yet to be elected president.
3)  The worst part is criticizing the president's cyber-initiative with Russia.  This clearly shows they have no clue as to what it takes to launch a cyber attack, how to prevent one, or the consequences of a successful one, or they just want to appear on Sunday shows. They think the Digital Universe is somewhere with Tweeter, in Mars.

My conclusion is that the Evil Twins have outlived their useful public life and ride into the sunset.  If not, I believe voters are smarter than CNN thinks and will do the job for them

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