Friday, July 14, 2006

DaVaro Deception: The Involution (yes, not evolution) of the Safety Committee

The Coto de Caza Board of directors meeting held, appropriately on July 13, 2006, provided yet more evidence of the involution of the safety committee:

Just coming off a landmark public safety committee-of-one meeting held July 11, 2007, the Coto de Caza board, in a bold move that assures more due diligence in the selection of public safety committee members, than that exhibited in the firing of the CHP, the firing of the best Security Director (eventually replaced by an OTJ manager-trainee), the firing of the largest private security company in the world, replaced by the yet-to-be-seen compelling program and offer (and fashion and demeanor reserved for private parties), and even the selection of those responsible for the disbursement of the $5,000,000.00 year landscaping budget, is to conform to the following process:

The current public safety committee chairperson is to interview 13 (here we go again with the number 13) potential committee members.

· The chairperson will say either yes or no these candidates and then forward statement of candidacy to the board.

· The board will then interview the selected remaining candidates to see if they can competently uphold the board’s views (as in pursue personal agendas and recommend to fire the CHP)

· The board will then make a final determination as to who ends up on the most important public safety committee

· And just in case anyone is left to fill the public safety committee, the Best City Manager Ever (according to Varo, and formerly known as the Keystone general manager), made it sure that

· "Lets not forget to make sure that the members that the BOD appoints to the Safety Committee, that they sign confidential agreements where they agree that they will not divulge this confidential information to anyone besides the board and especially not talk to the press”

Finally we get it! The selection of the public safety committee IS rocket science, which is why the BOD has deemed it confidential! This is why the CHP is not being used (for free) to hold public safety awareness campaigns- This is Confidential! – The board of directors wants to hold this from the press – Now, THAT is Involution!

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the Coto de Caza Board of directors, the LA Trash and the Orange Crud Repository and report the facts

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