Friday, December 08, 2006

[COTO DE CAZA]It is Official and Unanimous: CZ - Dumb Just Got Dumber

COTO DE CAZA]It is Official and Unanimous: CZ - Dumb Just Got Dumber

By Joseph Morabito, former member Coto de Caza Board of Directors.

Hello All: I received a letter today from CZ informing me that the incompetent Varo/Mezger CZ Board has voted unanimously not to respond to any e-mail inquiry I may make of the CZ Board or its agents. I am now required to use US Mail to make an inquiry or I suppose I can just walk across the street from my office building and deliver a letter in writing myself to Vinnie Davis at Keystone. But, I don’t intend to do either. I will continue to use e-mail as my method of communications. If the CZ Board and/or Vinnie don’t respond to legitimate inquires from any dues paying member whether by e-mail or letter, they are in violation of their fiduciary responsibility which is really nothing new for this CZ Board. What a bunch of dopes! First of all, most of the e-mails that I write concerning the workings of CZ are not directed to the CZ Board or its agents. I copy them in as a courtesy; but I really don’t care what they think because the Varo/Mezger CZ Board is the most incompetent in the history of Coto. I am out of town until next week; but when I get back to Coto, I will scan the letter sent by CZ and e-mail it out to all to demonstrate that dumb just got dumber.

The Varo/Mezger CZ Board has squandered our monies resulting in two unnecessary dues increases in just two years, exposed our Members to danger and liability on our streets resulting in two tragic deaths, a serious lawsuit and many traffic accidents, subsidized all the piggies at the trough at our expense, ignored the binding legal agreement governing Oakview/Oakknoll and or lost the agreement, made a mess of our landscaping, failed to manage security in Coto, etc. etc. Be assured, this unfounded arrogance from those so incompetent is not going to stop my e-mails again because the US Constitution does not stop at our gates. What a joke! Varo/Mezger and their agents are going to ignore my e-mails. Big deal! I may need to consult a psychologist to deal with the rejection. Joe Morabito P.S. If Keystone, as our property manager does not respond to a legitimate inquiry from a CZ Member in good standing that is paying their fees, whether it comes by e-mail, letter or carrier pigeon, they should be fired.

Hi Joe: Thanks for the information. Now the Coto de Caza board can be formally, unanimously and officially continue to be known as the Varo/Mezger board…. which we had predicted would happen, if we may say so: Can you name one decision made by this Varo/Mezger board that was not unanimous? This is consistent with Jerry Mezger’s position that he will only discuss association affairs with those residents who agree not to send copies of their complaints to the media in general and to CotoBuzz specifically. So, as long as you continue to send us copies of your emails, you can be considered a persona-non- grata. You may recall that a couple of year back, Mezger gave us a choice: Either we kick you out of the Coto Discussion Forum, or he stops engaging us Guess what decision we made? Of course, on the surface it sounds extremely bleak and shocking. It is neither – mostly as you would say “feel good” actions, and as stated before, something to be expected. If you review every single response you have received to date from the new general manager, there has been a total lack of substance. So instead of sending our condolences, we shall send you our congratulations for finally exposing the Varo/Mezger board as a Varo/Mezger board. BUZZ

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