Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CotoBuzz to Publish Citations for Traffic Violations.

Since we announced that we would be publishing the names of Coto de Caza residents arrested for DUI, there has been but one Coto resident, and that happen the first week we started the report.

The top five communities with most DUI arrest as of 12/12/2006 are:

To Date Arrests: No Position

San Juan Capistrano 33 1
San Clemente 22 2
Santa Ana 18 3
San Diego 12 4
Laguna Beach 12 5

Given the success of the DUI initiative and that the citation distribution in Coto de Caza for those age 50 and older is greater (18%) than those cited in the age range of 18-20 (16%), we are working with the CHP to see if it is feasible to publish the names of those Coto de Caza residents older than 21 years.

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