Friday, December 15, 2006

OC Register's Retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence admission?

CanyonLife’s Retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence?

The December 15, 2006 issue of the CanyonLife contains what can best be described as an obscure “OCR retraction or Sheriff’s incompetence admission”
It states in part that “According to Investigator Todd Bramwell of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, deputies on the scene took a statement from the stripper in which the stripper stated that no guard made any attempt to solicit her, nor did they ask her to strip for them. Bramwell said deputies reported there was no crime committed and that the item as recorded by the sheriff’s department was incorrect” – So was this incident Much Ado About Nothin? - Why did a Sheriff’s representative show up in the first place?

It should be noted that under California law, underage drinking and driving is not a crime – yet. It will be starting in 2007. Further, “pretexting” is not a federal crime – yet. Finally, the OCR’s characterization of Bramwell’s statements is inconsistent with the investigator’s statement to us.

Attempts to mislead average Joe again, you suppose?

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