Friday, April 04, 2008

Price For Coto de Caza Life Style: Priceless!

Price For Coto de Caza Life Style: Priceless!

April 3, 2008

Who is allowed inside the Coto de Caza Gates? Who gets a transponder?

According to the document Transponder for Non-Members- What you need to know, revised by the CZ Master Association January 2008, transponders are issued to Coto de Caza residents (CZ, Estates, Villages), tenants, lessees, service providers and “other individuals pre-authorized by the CZ Master Association”

Price for transponders? $45.00 “ to provide residents with the convenience of transponder access into the community through all the gates”, according to the same document

Price for transponder maintenance for non-CZ Members? $45 “Tenants, Non-CZ Master Association Residents, Golf and Racquet Club, Equestrian Center, Employees, etc….”

Price for CZ to repair, replace and maintain common areas for CZ members? $2,600/year

Price for CZ to maintain the Coto de Caza gates? $2,000,000/year

Price for Coto Life Style for non CZ memebrs? $45

Price for false sense of security? Priceless!


If anyone can come inside the Coto Gates, and practically anyone can get a transponder and that some 70% to 90% of reported crime is committed by insiders, what exactly is the purpose of the current gate access management process?
Coto de Caza Gate access control seems more like the $2 million/year joke, and it is not April Fool’s Day!

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