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Coto de Caza Going To The Dogs

Posted by CotoBlogzz 02-28-2010

Coto de Caza, CA
Hello All:  I can't imagine why CZ would waste time or money building a Dog Park on our common area, when we still don't have a multi-generational park in Coto that would meet the needs of our changing demographic.  We gave away our Sports Park to outsiders for peanuts to benefit a few hundred CZ members in Coto.   And, the CZ Board now wants to commit what little decent common area we have left to another few hundred members so they can run their dogs around crapping on our common area land.   There is something very wrong with this picture. 

Be assured, while I am far from an environmental wacko, if I lived in the Villages in a home just 300 feet from this stinky dog park, I would go to court and the county to demand an Environmental Impact Study and tie this up for years.  That particular parcel is in an environmentally sensitive part of Coto because there are both Oaks and a stream bed near by.   Having more fecal matter, than necessary, enter the water shed is not good.   I certainly would not want this stinky, noisy, Dog Park in my backyard.  Though I have no particular problem with dogs, they belong on a leash, or on personal property doing their business not on common area land or public property.   When I served on the Board, we were advised that we should vote NO on this very same Dog Park because it will lead to liability for CZ.   The first time a dog bites someone or causes an accident, CZ will be sued.  This is dumb Board decision. 

Most important, I still do not have my bocce court, or walking trail with exercise stops and other outdoor amenities designed for old guys.   We are not selling our Coto house; but rather making it retirement friendly.   Yet, there is nothing in Coto that is retirement friendly.  I must say the current CZ Board has a real problem with priorities when Dogs are more important than half our members.   Joe Morabito, former director CZ Master Association

Here is the deal.   We have miles of horse trails that can also be used for dog walks on long leashes to get more bang for our Member’s buck.   Since we do not require horse owners, many of whom are not members of CZ to pick up after themselves on the trails; it would seem rather silly to require dog owners to do so if on the trails.  I am opposed to using this other land for dogs because we don’t have a multi-generational park in Coto to better reflect our changing demographic.   Maybe the land designated for a dog park could be better used for walking trails and my bocce court and or other amenities designed for us old geezers; kind of like a low impact exercise yard for seniors since the Sports Park is dominated by outsiders and a few hundred other CZ Members.  As long as we have the trails to maintain and pay for, we don’t need any more common area space for animals.   This dog park would be a misallocation of land and resources.  JM

Hi Joe:

But wait, there is more:  While the CZ board is busy dealing with dog issues, a fiscal tsunami of its own making is looming and crime and vandalism is at an all time high in the community!:  With reserves at less than 30% instead of the more fiscally responsible 70% and  subsidies at $3 million/year.

In contrast, local governance in the  "safest cities", like Newport Beach, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo have made it a point to respond to residents, whether disgruntled or not, within 24 hours, in the case of Newport Beach, and in the case of Lake Forest and Mission Viejo, looking at ordinances like controlling use of marijuana or social host ordianances,

You, more than anyone knows that the CZ board  is not welcomed in San Juan Capistrano (California Highway Patrol offices) or that it has strong support from DUI defense attorneys. Even the OCSD representatives were called extortionists in open board meetings. Consequences? According to OCSD figures, Coto de Caza has the highest crime rate of all times.Consistent with Winstren's Law: Crime goes where it is welcomed and stays where it is well treated.

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