Monday, March 08, 2010

Triple-Threat Locker

Posted By CotoBlogzz 03-08-2010

Joe the Taxpayer is under siege, whether he knows it or not.

"No one has vested more hope in the Tea Party movement than the Democrats. For all the scorn and abuse they've heaped on the tea-partiers, they've counted on them for salvation. The tea-partiers would push the GOP out of the mainstream. They would tar the party with their bumptious extremism. They would stoke a Republican civil war. The tea-partiers would, in short, redeem the Obama administration's political fortunes no matter what," writes Rich Lowery on a piece published by the Sun Coast News, published February 17, 2010

Then, there is what we refer to as the US Economic Triple Constraint, which consists of Card Check, Health Care and Cap & Trade. The notion  is that without the Triple Constraint, the US is down to sixth place in the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom, with it, a precipitous drop is envisioned.

We have tried to reach California lawmakers to get their views on California's Triple-Threat:  Public sector organized labor, parasitic bureaucracies and lobbyists.  So far, mum is the word.

Last but not least is the common interest development (CID) Triple Constraint:  The property management company, legal council and monthly dues. Loal governance in most, if not all cases will simply let legal council and the property management company run amock, while Joe the Taxpayer blindly keeps paying his monthly dues, lest he gets deserving of a stupid lawyer letter.

What about it Joe?

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