Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barbara Boxer's Hail Mary

Posted by CotoBlogzz 09-29-2010

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Almost two years ago to the day, we argued that despite the perceived landslide victory  associated with then president-elect Obama, the nation remained heavily divided along a values divide  and that Senator Boxer and Speaker Pelosi were  vulnerable in what we  characterized as a disruptive political environment.  People laughed.  Most credible polls now show that we were right, but then again, we never wavered! 

Then in December 2008 we asked Senator Boxer to share with us how she planned to handle the mid-term elections.  We never did get a direct response to the question, although she did write in a newsletter that as a result of "new data from the Labor Department confirms that our nation faces the worst economic crisis of our lifetime" and in response to the crisis, she stated that "I'm working every day to find solutions to our economic situation.”

What the Senator and her staff  heard, according to the aforementioned newsletter was that  " ..strong support for jobs programs, for extending the Food Stamp program to help those families that are suffering, and to revise the COPS program that helps local law enforcement with staffing needs" and she is "also working with my Senate colleagues to enact an economic recovery package that will create good jobs while also benefiting communities across America with roads and bridge projects, better flood control and other infrastructure programs, and mobilizing the nation for energy independence.” - Where is the beef? 

Now, just like Senator Harry Reid,  Boxer  claims to not be responsible for the national economic meltdown and or  the Great California Jobs Exodus.

Previously  assemblyman Chuck DeVore noted that  "Barbara Boxer first ran for office unsuccessfully when Richard Nixon was President, Californians wore polyester bell bottoms and the laptop wasn't even a dream. Unfortunately, her views remain mired in the past and California can no longer afford her."

In  a recent political ad,  using  what can best be described as a Hail Mary, using a football metaphor, she slams her Tea Party opponent Carly Fiorina for her success while at HP.  Not much different from the federal government bailing out grossly mismanaged too big to fail organizations such as Government Motors, Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac, while going after too well-managed to let them succeed organizations such as Google, Apple Microsoft, Adobe and Intuit, for example

With this background, is it fair to question the Senator’s  assertion that she has not  been part of the worst economic crisis in a life time? -  In other words, the evidence points to the fact that the Senator has been part of the problem, and not part of the solution – no?

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