Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coto’s New Jobs Initiative- of Schools, Dogs and Horses

Posted By CotoBlozz 09-28-2010

Coto de Caza, CA – By statue, a homeowners association is chartered merely with the repair, replacement and maintenance of common property.  However, like in Washington DC, Sacramento, Bell and other local governance prone to be afflicted with the Bell Syndrome, Coto’s local governance continues to expand, stimulate and subsidizeclick here to count the ways

The bone-headed decision to construct the Varo/Yocham Dog Park turned out to me merely a stimulus bill designed to stimulate business for real estate agents and other service providers like the Pet Supply, Allison McDorman Custom Canine Training, Groomingdale’s and others.   No soon did the park open, that maintenance is already required and schedule.   Not to mention the expansion of the refuge lane at Plano Trabuco and Coto de Caza Dr. when the CZ Master Association’s population has been aging and declining for the last ten years. But, according to CZ's Xochitl Yocham, residents of Grand Coto II on Plano Trabuco, are very happy!

But wait, there is more – Coto de Caza continues to look for yet one more stimulus bill. In this case realtors and prospective buyers of the MerryHill School and related property are trying to get signatures from Coto residents, including the  General Store, and the Equestrian Center to  consent to having  the county approve  a rezoning allowing the building of condominiums in said property.  And just like any other Parasitic bureaucracy, the county is more than likely to approve the rezoning request, sort of like it approve the Polo Arena

Can I interest you  in buying a condo right next to the Equestrian Center and the Dog Park?  What you smell is not a dead fish….

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