Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Most Capricious & Deed Violating HOA Board

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Houston, TX- According to a PRWEB piece by Paul McHugh titled Tanglewood Homeowners Association Hit With Large Jury Verdict

A Harris County jury last week awarded damages and attorneys' fees totaling almost $500,000.00 against Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc. for its violations of deed restrictions. The jury found that over a two year period that the Association acted in an arbitrary or capricious manner towards the homeowners. 

In 2008, the homeowners had brought suit against the homeowners association in Cause No. 2008-65420, Feldman v. Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc., in the 80th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas on account of the Association's failure to enforce the more than fifty year old protective covenants. A second part of the trial to be held next year addresses still additional damages arising out of the incident.

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