Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't Blame the Committee. Do not Blame the GOP. Do not Blame the Congress

Posted By CotoBlogzz

Do not blame the Super committee, after all, it reflects the Super Duper Committee, aka as US Congress.  Do not blame the Congress and do not even Blame the Blamer in Chief for being MIA during the budget talks.  Do not blame the GOP and do no blame the Left.   Heck, do not even blame Prince Harry or Princess Nancy.

If anyone is to take the blame is the electorate, after all, it voted for the current government, thanks in large measure for the Mostly Left Wing and Hyphenated Media targeting the apathetic, the uninformed  and or cognitive challenged voter.

Knowing that the electorate is divided right down the middle, and that 50% of the population does not pay taxes and that the unions want the government to spend money it does not have, guess how the 2012 elections are going to turn out?

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