Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Steel Sharpens Steel Fallacy (3SF)

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Certain political pundits keep promoting the notion that negative advertising during the GOP primary not only works, but it is also good because it helps the candidates get prepared so that when the eventual winner faces off against President Obama, the negative attacks will be second-nature.  While the latter might be true, the former is not.  Worse yet is that such approach could work in a short primary, it is counterproductive the more it extends beyond Florida.

We previously asserted that the GOP has mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – if the current GOP primary extends much beyond Florida, the GOP might just continue the trend – below is brief view of why tit may be so.

1.   The Mostly Left Wing and Hyphenated Media (MLWH) is adept at using Weapons of Mass Disinformation (WMD)  in support of the current administration.    During the GOP primary, the candidates themselves are using WMD as  friendly fire, aiding and abetting the enemy.

2.  The MLWH media’s target market is the apathetic, uninformed and or cognitive-challenged (AUCC) electorate.   When GOP candidates use WMD during the primary, the ads are exactly what the AUCC consumes.

3.  Lack of Focus – when the GOP candidates use WMD, whether the candidates like it or not, the media amplifies the message so that instead of allowing them to focus on drawing up a comparison between them and the current administration, they find themselves on the defense, looking less than presidential.

4.  Practice as in a real game -  In sports, coaches consistently preach to their players to practice as if they are playing a real game, so that when the game starts, they do not have to think, but only react.  When the GOP candidates use WMD, they are practicing, but not as if they were playing in a real game, quite the contrary.


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