Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orange County, CA Judicial Misconduct Tracker Status

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - I spoke to Public Affairs Spokesperson Gwen Vieau September 24, 2012  with a request for information about allegations of judicial misconduct in the Orange County California Small Claims Court System.

The good news is that the General Counsel for the Superior Court of California County of Orange Jeff Wertheimer,  quickly responded to my request and was gracious enough to treat my request pursuant to California Rules of Court Rule 10.500.

The bad news is that for whatever reason, Mr. Wertheimer’s response was dismissive, derisive, condescending and clearly not responsive.
 Mr. Wertheimer unequivocally states that in the 21st Century, the mulit-billion dollar behemoth of the California Court Case Management System (CCMS)  cannot handle  mundane functions such as exporting  data from and to a simple Excel spreadsheet. 

But wait, there is more.  Mr. Wertheimer primary excuse is budgetary constraint, even though
just some eight months ago or so, 52 hotel rooms were booked at the San Francisco Holiday Inn for court officials from across California to discuss the CCMS- Expense records for the conference show the AOC spent $13,220.10 for the hotel, meals and airfares. Price tag for the CCMS is more expensive than building the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which cost $1.7 billion according to NASA!

What is more troubling is Mr. Wertheimer’s  closing statement:  “ For this reason, even if you were willing to pay the considerable cost of generating the documentation, we are unable to provide you with the information you are requesting,”  which I take it to mean: “while I bother to write you a response, it is simply to shut you up, as I had no intention of being compliant with to California Rules of Court Rule 10.500, in the first place”

So, for those interested in getting to the bottom of the allegations of judicial misconduct in the Orange County Small Claims Court System, based on Mr. Wertheimer’s  response, guess what the next logical step may be?

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