Saturday, March 09, 2013

Laguna Woods Village: A call to Marc Bayer to exercise his moral and ethical duty as HOA director


On February 26th, 2013 a Shareholders complaint was filed with you (Marc Bayer) about Director Denny Welch and the 80 thousand dollars in donations during the 2010 and 2011 election campaign. The directors have legal obligations of trustees that  illuminate broader moral duties. Trustees have legal fiduciary responsibility to investigate. 

Ask Ms. Welch how much money did she donate to her 2010 advertising election campaign?

Ask Ms. Welch where did the $40,000  contribution for advertising that was donated to “Stop the Lawsuit” slate come from?”

Ask Ms. Welch did she help organize the recruitment of TBOC slate 2011 election and did these candidates also receive $40,000 in  advertising funds? Since she was Campaign Director, who donated the money? Why did she have a two post-office box numbers?

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Ask Ms. Welch when a questionnaire about the 2011 election financing was sent to the four candidates “Take Back Our Village” They failed to respond. Where, when, and how were these advertising funds donated?. The election law says that shareholders have a right to full financial disclosure and only $20.00 per person can be donated on an annual basis.

Ask Ms. Welch did she conduct a recruitment meeting with the Executive Management (The Helfin Mgt. Team) to discuss election campaign funding. The meeting was held in the Laguna Woods Properties, 24361 El Toro Road, Suite 160, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. This conflict of interest meeting was discontinued when Laguna Woods Properties Broker, Andrew Brennan, was heard telling election campaign fundraisers to stop and get out of the office…” because he could lose his license.

Paul Lougherty, Members Ist
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