Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Coto de Caza 3-car collision and HOA Proposed Rule Changes Regarding Promoting Traffic within the community

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In the Proposed Rule Change Regarding Group Use of Association Property for Events dated September 15, 2014 the CZ Master Association’s board of directors gives property owners notice that it is considering a policy to permit use of the associations’ common areas  for group events. 

The direct consequences of such a policy is to increase traffic in the community and data collected for more a decade, indicates the traffic accidents in the community will keep going up and so will the probability of the fourth traffic fatality in Coto de Caza.  This comes at a time when the  Coto de Caza Accident  Rate is at all time high and CHP patrol is down 25% from lawsuit

The board made a similar argument to support the Coto Polo Arena as described in the piece Coto De Caza Subsidies Qualify as Bellisimos.  In that instance, the CZ board  argued that the Polo Arena would NOT increase traffic in the community – it was wrong then

The board also compromised public safety when it implemented the new online registration process making  it available to people outside the community, while the  Coto de Caza’s website gets a Failing grade from Qualys for its security protocols

Now, consider that for more than a decade, Coto the Caza has exhibited the Peter Pan Syndrome – the idea that adults refuse to grow up. Perhaps the three car collision that occurred at Coto de Caza Drive and Vista del Verde on 10/14/2014 supports not only the Peter Pan Syndrome but also the consequences of a high traffic accident rate

According to San Juan Capistrano California Highway Patrol (CHP) Public Information Officer Aaron Rothberg a white female, approx. 65, was driving a gray Mazda southbound on Coto De Caza Dr and stopped her vehicle at Alta Dr (just north of Vista Del Verde).  A white male, approx. 55, was driving a silver Lexus behind the white female, came to a stop behind the Mazda.  A white Mercedes, driven by a white male, approx. 60, rear-ended the silver Lexus and suffered minor lacerations to his arms.  While nobody was transported after the collision and alcohol or drugs is not suspected at this time, the incident shows that the community is sitting on a time bomb.

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