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Alireza Al Sazegari, Lake Forest Man faces 12 years for domestic violence

 Alireza Al Sazegari, Lake Forest Man faces 12 years for domestic violence

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -   Alireza Al Sazegari, 36, Lake Forest, was extradited from the Republic of Georgia and arraigned today after fleeing the United States in 2010 after being charged with domestic violence against a female domestic partner. 
Sazegari is charged with one felony count each of domestic battery with corporal injury, kidnapping, criminal threats, aggravated assault, false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, or deceit, and dissuading a witness from reporting a crime with a sentencing enhancement allegation for the personal use of a deadly weapon, according to the Orange County DA                                                                     
At the time of the crime, Sazegari was in a romantic relationship with then 30-year-old Jane Doe and lived with the victim.
On July 6, 2010, Sazegari is accused of getting into a verbal argument with Jane Doe in his home. 

During the course of the argument Sazegari is accused of slapping the victim in the face and then grabbing her by the hair and dragging her into the home's bathroom. The defendant is accused of binding the victim's wrists behind her back and ankles together with duct tape and placing a piece of duct tape over Jane Doe's mouth. Sazegari is accused of locking the bathroom door and removing the door knob to prevent the victim from escaping.

Later that day, he is accused of returning to the bathroom with a large knife and threatening the victim with violence if she attempted to leave or call the police. Sazegari is accused of forcing the victim to stay in a bedroom in the home.

On July 7, 2010, he is accused of forcing the victim to call in sick to work and taking away her cell phone, credit cards, wallet, and car keys to prevent her from leaving the home. Sazegari is accused of locking the victim inside the residence before leaving for work. He is accused of owning expensive surveillance cameras and fingerprint activated door locks and using them to monitor the victim.
One of the victim's co-workers came to the home that day and found the victim. The Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) investigated this case and arrested the Sazegari that day.

Sazegari was out of custody on $150,000 bail and was scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. 15, 2010. Sazegari is accused of fleeing the United States. In January 2015, Interpol identified the location of the defendant in the Republic of Georgia, where he was arrested based on his outstanding warrant from Orange County.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office, the United States Department of Justice, and United States Department of State collaborated with representatives of the Republic of Georgia, including the Patrol Police and Head Prosecutor's Office, to facilitate his detention and extradition. The U.S. Marshals Service transported the defendant to the United States and returned him to the custody of OCSD.
Deputy District Attorney Heidi Garrel of the Family Protection Unit is prosecuting this case. Deputy District Attorney Erin Rowe of the Special Prosecutions Unit secured the extradition.

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