Saturday, October 17, 2015

Laguna Woods Village Gang of Five Responds to Charges


We Have Found A Smoking Gun!!

 Please read the forwarded email below from the infamous village cyber bully Paul Laughrey to 4 GRF directors and a director’s wife titled “HEY GUYS! IT'S A "GOD: THING THAT HAS JUST HAPPENED” dated 10/8.  Here are my questions about the email:
1.    Why the four GRF directors were working with the two infamous cyber bullies of our Village, Paul Loughrey (aka "L W Village") and Dawn Johnston, wife of Richard ( who have attacked and smeared directors and others?
2.    What are the ”control and power" they have gotten back?
3.    What are Dawn's prayers that have "come true" that made the "take over" for real?
4.  Why consider a merger while all 3 corporations are working hard to transition to our own management company? Who are they trying to take over or merge with, the new management company?  
While the bullies are spreading rumors with the intention of keeping the GRF majority intact, it is important to know that Third Mutual directors have had NO contact with Associa other than by their legal counsel as it relates to their service plan. Third Mutual definitely has no relationships with Associa and is fully committed to work with other mutuals to ensure a successful transition to the new own professional Management company by December 22. 
Never once have Third Mutual let our community down with their constant work to improve things.  They keep trying and trying with honesty and integrity. Did you know that they were told by the GRF board president that if they did not support the GRF taking over PCM (the super GRF model), Mutuals would not be allowed to use the tools and equipment they purchased?  Did you know that every time from January to August that mutuals asked for involvement they were thwarted.  The recall is to remove the subversive activities and move forward to a positive future. There is nothing personal in this.  There is no getting even, Third Mutual has a fiduciary duty. 
In order to allow for the better leadership and the future peace and prosperity of the Village, please support the recall of the two officers (Kathryn Freshley and Mary Stone) who have wasted hundred of thousands of dollars and canceled countless committee meetings. With the current GRF leadership style, it will be very difficult to have harmonious relationship with the other seasoned, hard working board members.
If you agree, please sign the attached petition. Better yet, ask your friends to help out. 
Once filled out, please email me back or call me (714-316-8548) to arrange for pick up.  As other alternatives, call 949-945-5488 to leave a message on supporting the recall orclick the below link to sign an online petition. Please provide your manor number.
Ed Tao

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