Monday, July 04, 2016

Pennsylvania gets failing grade in 2015 State Integrity Report

Every Pennsylvania elected official should be ashamed and disgraced!  State Integrity 2015 -  Pennsylvania gets F grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation,


By Cynthia Stephens

This State Integrity investigation is just a "peek" at what is really going on in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!  Why is anyone re-elected?  Th judicial and legal abuses, the atrocities and cover ups are inexcusable.  The HOA homeowner horrors, I believe are among the worst in the nation and the predators and perpetrators of these crimes, those from the legal and judicial systems that have assisted in the facilitation and carrying out of these criminal and fraudulent acts need to be prosecuted and held accountable!  No matter who they are, or who they know.

I believe Representative Rosemary Brown has to take the responsibility professionally and personally to demand investigations of these HOA homeowner abuses and gender, or other discrimination based HOA homeowner abuses and property thefts, as I believe an HOA/COA built by her father, Ken Maula, and another around 1985 in Monroe County, Pennsylvania to be maybe the most abusive and criminal, or among the most abusive and criminal, HOAs in America.  The courts will not uphold any of the "communities," CC&R's, By Laws, Rules and Regulations, or "contractual" provisions and protections for HOA homeowners there and I trust it has been nothing but some type of HOA homeowner abuse, criminality and foreclosure mill for over 15 years, or longer.  Some in the courts, or who were in the courts and some attorneys, possibly some banksters and possibly some in the insurance industry and even other HOA homeowner "investors" have been involved in the most unthinkable crimes and injustices and property thefts imaginable and these individuals need to be exposed and their acts of criminality and property theft made known to the public!  Why has this HOA and those involved not been investigated for what they inflicted upon innocent HOA homeowners and gotten away with all these years?

Wake up Pennsylvania elected officials, members of the press, voters, HOA homeowner advocates, HOA victims and housing experts, HOA homeowner attorneys, investigative and prosecution agencies and those whose job it is to stop the HOA criminality and property thefts!

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