Sunday, January 01, 2023

Our Latest Christmas Miracle: GrandParaKids

Ten years ago I experienced a Christmas miracle ofvsirts Our twins, granddaughters were born in November and granny was fortunate to witness their birth.  I was scheduled to fly in to Wenachee on the 23nd so I could meet the newborns and spend Christmas with the family in Leavenworth.

As  expected, there were many delayed & canceled flights.  I spent a few hours at Seattle's Sea-Tac waiting for the weather to improve. After we were cleared to fly to Wenachee, despite the turbulence, it looked like smooth sailing, but as we approached the Wenachee airport, we could see it was snowed in.  The pilot decided to circle the airport, hoping he could see the runway - he couldn't.  So we had to head back to SeaTac.  On the way back, dejected, I  that spending Christmas with the twins was on serious jeopardy.  Once at Sea-Tac I called my daughter to tell her the bad news. My daughter & Son in Law decided to drive in bad weather to pick me up while grandma looked after the newborn  twins.  While I thought the decision was risky, as the Bard said, All's is Well That Ends Well:  A Christmas Miracle-Gro indeed!

For the last four or five months, our parakeet mom Sunny Jewel has been spending most of her time in the warming nests, contrary to experts advice as to how long the parakeet incubation period takes.  Sunny and Daddy parakeet Ocean Coral in an exemplary display of devotion and respondibility teamed up to bring to life four parakeets.  On new years morning, both Sunny & Ixean cried out for help. As the got my attention, all of the baby parakeets were on the bottom of the cage.  two, including the youngest were dead.  Of the two  surviving baby parakeets, one had her eyes open. The second one was weak & her eyes were closed. Both are doing well.  The boldest has been baptized as Salty Seaweed, the youngest one Hot Tamale  - our second Christmas Miracle

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