Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Dictators And Authoritarian Leaders Flocking to Elite US Universities


Venezuela's Maduro is to attend, #Harvard this coming term.

Since corrupt politicians & teachers unions turned schools & universities into a #DevshirmeSystem; more indoctrination less education, this has sparked international interest in the US High Education System.

According to the Babylon Bee reported, #KimJungUn is attending an Ivy League School, but the Palestinian Wasp reports Jung zun 
has expressed interest in attending Stanford's Graduate School of 

Business' Professor Nir Halevy's class about how to shift people's attitudes about who's to blame -  CNN previously refer to this process, a #CynicalStrategy, effectively used by the DNC.  it was not confirmed whether DNC executives attended Hakevy's class

US  Media Executives & corrupt politicians who attended the class blame Trump for everything, while ex-alum Xi Jimpin blames the USA for everything 

The Mullahs are mulling Yale University

All this shows a real insurrection is on-going

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