Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Trade Schools or ?

That the US Education is Broken is a well-accepted premise. So, why is it that trade school is not normalized?
Sir Ken Robinson, for example, argues that our current educational systems are still based on a industrial paradigm of education – education is increasingly standardised and about conformity, and kids, who are living in the most stimulating age in history, fail to see the point of going to school, which is about ‘finding the right answers to pass the tests’ rather than about stimulating divergent thinking

According to the Atlantic’s Meg St-Esprit the reason most of students do not choose trade schools is mostly due to parents - "when college is held up as the one true path to success, parents—especially highly educated ones—might worry when their children opt for vocational school instead." In this context "highly educated" may mean different things given the accumulated $1.7 Trillion worth of student loans. Are most of these "highly educated parents" responsible for such fiscal irresponsibility? Or as C. S. Lewis has suggested, education without values just makes us a more clever devil?

Or does the responsibility for the student debt which is roughly the GDP of the Soviet Union fall on teachers unions and unscrupulous politicians? After all $1.7 Trillion worth of useless diplomas is not just a blip in the radar but a massive output in a plan gone wrong!

For example, in California, students seeking a bachelor’s degree can get them at community colleges. Governor GavinNewsom and California lawmakers think students are too stupid to figure out which college courses to take to transfer to the University of California System, so they want to make it easier with AB1291. As Thomas Sowell might say: in an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.

The same people say the California University System is not good enough for Black Students. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that grants community college students who transfer to historically Black colleges and universities a one-time grant of up to $5,000 - guess who owns the politicians in Sacramento?

Now, consider the Teacher shortage is a manufactured crisis designed to bring in brain washers: you see, teachers are quiting due to value misalignment with the state: The Teachers Unions believe the children belong to the state. Most teachers don't agree.
Similarly, there's a significant drop in student enrollment. To solve the problem and to "improve quality of life" some school districts are looking at a four day workweek.
Others want to train new teachers. All that is required is a pledge of allegiance to the Teachers unions.

Of all the college majors that pay the most right after college are STEM-based. Except for a BS In Race Hustling - Race Hustling is the highest paid degree: The University of Michigan has 163 DEI officers. Ohio State & U of Virginia have 94. Georgia Tech has 41, but only 13 history teachers. The Highest-paid diversity and inclusion employees rake in substantially more than the average full-time professor!

A degree from the California State University System will soon be worth as much as a Zimbabwe Dollar.

Most high school students are not prepared for college. According to Sarah Butrymowicz, The Hechinger Report:

“Most schools place students in what are called remedial courses in math or English before they can move on to a full load of college-level, credit-bearing courses – a process that is a financial drain on not only students, but also colleges and taxpayers, costing up to an estimated $7 billion a year.”

A viable option for these students in trade school. Trade schools have a more streamlined approach to learning and provide students with a specialized skill set rather than focusing on general education that students care little about trade school training takes less time to complete, requires little critical thinking and communication skills, is usually hands-on and, a lot more cost-effective - thus is antithetical to the Teachers unions mission: The more students the more the budget can be inflated, the more accrued political power.  This is also the reason the Teachers unions are diversifying:  its not rocket science, while NASA can outsource to Space-X, the Teachers Unions continue to use an outdated transportation system, they are expanding food services and dabbling in health services.

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