Tuesday, May 21, 2024

NYT/MSM "Coverage" of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

New York Times' Matthew Cullen writes: "In a wide-ranging interview with three of my colleagues, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said the U.S. and its European allies should be doing more to support his country in its fight against Russia. He specifically proposed that NATO planes begin shooting down Russian missiles over Ukraine.:

And NBC News "reports"  Zelensky"pushes allies to step  up aid and involvement in war." As if Zekensky had any leverage- unless it's dirt on Joe Biden

Prior to that, #APNews "reported"

"Russian naval ship stationed in occupied Crimea destroyed by Ukrainian forces"


NYT's Constant Méheut

"Ukraine Hits Major Russian Warship, but Loses Ground in the East"

A major military success at sea against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was tempered by Ukraine’s acknowledgment that it had all but retreated from the city of Marinka.


Reuters' Jan Strupczewski, Krisztina Than and Ingrid Melander "report"

EU vows Ukraine to get aid despite veto by Hungary's Orban

What they did not cover:
Casualties:  casualties keep mounting with over 200 000 Russian & Ukranian soldiers killed & or wounded & 30% of Ukranians displaced.  While

Ukraine is also waging a War On Christianity, patterned after the one in the USA

War correspondents- #CNN, @NYT &  the rest of the legacy media are not covering the war wall to wall 24X7 like all previous wars.  No more war correspondents left? Where is Geraldo? Where's Christian Anammpour?

The Biden Administration lost more than $1 billion worth of weapons sent to Ukraine. 

While terrorists are arriving in droves through the Southern Border,  the DOJ is chasing Catholics & parents for domestic terrorism, the biggest threat is not those coming across the Southern Border, but those who are here in every social stratum, from professors at Stanford University, students at Harvard or politicians in Washington DC

How the war started:  The Russian invasion was provoked by the NATO, enabled by China, corrupt media, politicians, military industrial complex, corporate greed and  feckless, NATO & USA leadership

The Biden Administration continues to ignore Americans' case for aid.

Aid to Ukraine is a Massive Money Laundering Machine using the #unjustwar as an excuse

MSM and politicians mocked #elonmusk proposed peace plan, because as Putin declared  On 24 February 2022: "Russia is going to win the war in weeks" - we are coming up on years!

The Chinese government said it would not provide weapons to Russia to support the invasion now or in the future.  Then proposes a peace plan, while arming Russia.

[  ] Who benefits:  Follow the money. A protracted war only benefits the enablers

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