Cynthia Stephens

April 26, 2016
Robert Metcalf, Chadds Ford, PA
Homeowners who have the audacity to voice any dissatisfaction with their homeowner associations are often told to run for the board.  The idea being that anyone who has served on the board of directors of their associations is less likely to complain.  But suppose that "solution" backfires?  What happens when the very experience of being on the board is all the proof one needs that the concept communal living is flawed?  What is the "answer" then?
On The Commons with us this week is Robert Metcalf, Being a conscientious board member, Bob decided to get educated on HOAs to be a more knowledgeable and responsible board member.  As treasurer he took his position  seriously.  He read about associations and attended the meetings and what he learned shocked and scared him to such an extent that he deiced to put his findings and his thoughts on paper.  Please join us On The Commons with Bob and hear about his experiences as a board member and what compelled him to take the time to write it all down for us.

See all Robert Metcalf's other writings: Obvious Truth About HOA's l & ll,
Letters to PA Governor, Ed Rendell, and US Supreme Court, etc.
HOA Gravy Train is below:
"HOA Gravy Train---All Aboard ... Next Stop - Your Bank
Here is the link to one source!  It is ALL OVER THE WEB!  

ps." Far too many women have been"advised,"as to "what they can do if
they want to keep their homes." and can't afford the fabricated

Ask your mother, wife, daughter, or sister how she feels about that!
Then, tell her there is no place to one to do ANYTHING!!!!!
Reality is, you have to run like crazy, sell and get out if you can!
Not too many can afford to do this, today, nor in the recent past.
Please wake up!"  HOA victim

April 22, 2016 : On The Commons

OTC with Shu, John Cowherd and Jeremy Moss - Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 2:00pm est., or anytime thereafter, on, or!

Hosted and produced by Shu Bartholomew, On The Commons is a weekly radio show dedicated to discussing the many issues surrounding mandatory homeowner associations, the fastest growing form of residential housing in the nation.

April 21, 2016 - Cynthia Stevens' Justice Served

Tonight on Justice Served - Just for Jesus Homeless Outreach Wilkes Barre Revival and Children's Rights - 6 p.m. eastern time
Tonight, I will have Bishop Jack Wisor on the first part of the show to talk about the homeless outreach revival being held in Wilkes Barre this weekend, followed by Laura Bouma, to discuss the tragic consequences to children of the domestic relations system.
Please tune in for what will be a great show....

Andy Ostrowski host of Justice Served improving the quality & equality of access to the Justice System in America.

April 20, 2016 - Eliot Bernstein testifying before NY Senate Finance Com

Eliot,  has the elder/guardianship/probate abuse and court corruption in FL with his father's estate and where the Trump consultant and Trump Univ "prof" and was supposed to testify was found dead in the garage of his fathers former home, that is part of the estate and was supposed to be empty. Those behind all this, his brother and sister who were written out of his father's will and ATTORNEYS IN FL!  However, if you see this video about what was done to him in his field of expertise, in technology development and his patent by some NY attys,  you well get an idea of the person he is!  Unbelievable!

THE PROBATE COURT'S DIRTY SECRET THAT'S ROBBING THE ELDERLY IN RETIREMENT: ..."Kathleen Dunn’s mother Jacqueline Scott was placed under the care of a fiduciary in Florida after a sibling filed in probate court to be her guardian. When a Pinellas County Judge began to restrict visitation with her then 82-year-old mother, Dunn filed a complaint.
"I was under the impression that we lived in America and this is the land of the free but I had no idea that people were being legally kidnapped to be robbed of all their assets and Constitutional rights,” Dunn said." ...…/the-probate-c…
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