Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Whiplash! Biden's Incoherent Israel Rethoric

NOTE: This post is a longer version of a post on X, to work around its new word-count policiy.

Israel is under attack from all sides. Including The #White House, #ChuckSchumer, #HakeemJeffries, MSM and the whole Antisemitic Democratic Coalition

Hours ago @NBC and the whole Antisemitic legacy media and Democratic Coalition, including the usual Twitter Influencers suspects were "reporting" Biden was concerned Israel was "dragging" the USA into a wider conflict, where "drag" is euphemism for antiSemitism- just a few hours before Joe Biden, MSM & Democratic Coalition were celebrating the All-For-one, One-For-All #NATO

And BOOM - as if by magic, the same crowd are now waving Israel flags, blaming MAGA Republicans for failure to send money to Israel! It's not a Hollywood movie. It's pathetic but true

Now Another Boom!

According to AntiChristian, AntiSemitic #Reuters' @JamesMackenzie, @ParisHafezi, and @Jeff Mason "report" "US will not take part in any Israeli retaliatory action against Iran"

Then the Mother of all Booms - the Jerusalem Posts reports the Biden Administration authorized the attack of Iran against Israel!

Then there is the  Ummah IndustrialvComplex Incubators, administered by leading US Universities, protected by NYT & the Legacy Media

Why the #UmmahLawOfTerrorism is in effect: Terrorists go where they are welcomed and stay where they are protected and well treated

While, Kamala Harris stepdaughter Ella Emhoff helps raise money Hamas.

And Biden hasn't decided whether to support Iran or Israel


Israeli leaders and military criticize reported US plans to sanction IDF unit

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