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NYT's Global Warming Hypocrisy

David Gelles, and Manuela Androni writing for New York Times' in Tipping Points for the Planet worry about global warming as a result of human activity. If they are honest, they should be worried about the New York Times.

While hundreds of NYT's reporters, including Benjamin Hoffman, fawned over Taylor Swift's epic milestone: She had to travel across the globe and through time, to make the Superbowl, while exacerbating climate warming. At the time, her critics called her hypocritical. If she is a hypocrite, what about the New York Times? What about you?

Clusters showing NYT's coverage of Taylor Swift S vs Global Warming

Yet as the global warming drum beats beat louder, the ink the New York Times invested in covering Taylor Swift during the Superbowl seems to pale with the coverage she's now getting from the Times, since Earth's Day.

The Smithsonian Christian Thorsberg for example, reports on the Pareto Rule of Global Warming: "80 Percent of Global CO2 Emissions Come From Just 57 Companies - The world’s number one source of carbon emissions is China, accounting for 25.79. Since the Paris Agreement was signed, 58 of the top 100 carbon-producing companies have increased their production.

Forget #regenerativefoodmovement.  Try Hypocrisy!

Meanwhile Reuters' Gloria Dickie and Alison Withers report
"Along coastlines from Australia to Kenya to Mexico, many of the world's colorful coral reefs have turned a ghostly white in what scientists said on Monday amounted to the fourth global bleaching event in the last three decades."

Or the recent report that “Scientists Resort to Once-Unthinkable Solutions to Cool the Planet – Three geoengineering projects seek to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean. Critics warn of unintended consequences,”

And while NPR’s Michael Copley reported on the Recycle Hoax: “recycling cannot go on indefinitely, and does not solve the solid waste problem."

Cluster shows NYT coverage of Global Warming

Cluster shows NYT coverage of Taylor Swift

The world’s number one source of carbon emissions is China, followed by India.

NYT: Schizophrenic or Profits at all costs?

Apparently, no one is interested in reporting the Global Warming Hypocrisy: not only is China the biggest polutter in the world, followed closely by India,

but according to a 2022 Oxfam report, 125 of the world's richest billionaires each emit over a million times more carbon than the average person in the bottom 90%, and a solid 50-70% of billionaires' emissions are thought to result from their investment.

We can debate the science, but the facts speak for themselves: we live in a disposable society with the flawed notion that the planet has united resources. Hence it’s easy to accept the idea of infinite or unlimited growth, which proves so attractive to economists, financiers, corrupt politicians, Propagandists and experts in technology

Take the global warming Hypocrisy Test

Do you think global warming is having effect on people's lives? +10

Do you use paid subscription services to recycle things like batteries and light bulbs? -3

Do you sort your trash so plastic packaging can be recycled? + 0

Do you change outfits more than three times per week? - 5

Do you have pets purchased from breeders/retail outlets? - 5

Do you consume fast food more than once a month? - 2

Do you buy greeting cards? - 2

Do you carve out pumpkins for Halloween? - 5

Do you buy chocolate or greeting cards for Saint Valentine's Day? -2

Do you have a front and backyard you maintain? -2

Whether at home or at work, do you only print on one side of printer paper?.-1

Do you buy ornaments for Christmas or any other holidays like Divali? - 2

Do you have children in school? Do they have more than one pen, pencil and marker? - 2

Do your children leave toys in the front yard? -2

Do you compost? +2

Add up all the - points. If you say you care about global warming but your score is greater than 10, then like Taylor Swift and the New York Times, 
You are a hypocrite.

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