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Jonathan Friedrich is the creator of HOACorruption.com.  A former Commissioner appointed by Gov. Sandoval to the Common Interest Commisson.. 

Jonathan contacts:
 emmcor1@aol.com or (702) 822-4555

Bob Robey is the administrator of HOACorruption.com and may be contacted at:

BobRobey@cox.net or (702) 360-3691


John Seller's tyrannical HOA attorneys & crooked Management Companies website

I’ve been dealing with Homeowners issues, tyrannical HOA attorneys and some crooked Management Companies in Arizona for a number of years now. One well known past President of the CAI Arizona Chapter, and attorney at the “world’s largest HOA attorney firm”, I’m not making their advertising up, told me recently to “get a hobby” – so I did. 

HOA advocate Jonathan Friedrich Running for Nevada State Senate

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  Some four years ago we jokingly announced that Jonathan Friedrich, an HOA advocate we called “The HOA Superman,” had joined the dark side when Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval appointed him to the Nevada Commission for Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels.

HOA Advocate Jonathan Friedrich running for Nevada State Senate District 3

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Mr. Jonathan Friedrich, and HOA advocate we dubbed  “The HOA Superman,”
is running for The Nevada State Senate District 3 (Las Vegas area,” and promises that if elected he will continue to fight to stop the abuses in homeowner associations in the state. 

If you think that the following is a good idea:

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