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Coto de Caza Board of Directors - Dumb Just Got Even Dumber

From: Morabito, Joe []
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 11:51 AM
Cc: Cary Treff
Subject: CZ Board - Dumb Just Got Even Dumber

Hello All: CZ Board President Bob Varo announced the building of office space at the Sports Park to support Keystone staff members rather than have them in rented space outside Coto. This is not a smart decision for a variety of reasons. First, where is the money coming from to build this space? It is certainly not free. So rather than pay rent through a Keystone billing, we will have one more asset on our books to support one way or another. Second, even if it does make sense, office space for our property management company should be outside our gates at the Welcome Home Center at the Oso Gate since many who need to see Keystone are not Members of our Association. Assuming the current incompetent CZ Board could get control of the Welcome Home Center property which is essential and if the Welcome Home Center could be tented and freed of termites which is a problem, the structure there would be perfect for a Management office. So before building anything at the Sports Park all efforts should be focused on acquiring the Welcome Home Center one way or another; not building offices at the Sports Park.
Bob Varo complains that Lennar (now a client of ours) should have built us an office at the Sports Park. What Mr. Varo fails to understand is that Lennar donated all the land at the Sports Park and a substantial amount of money to build the Sports Park. They did not have to do either. That land could have been used for very expensive custom homes which would have netted Lennar a whole lot of money. Mr. Varo, who is often loose with his words and suffers from foot in mouth disease, should be negotiating with Lennar to get control of the Welcome Home Center. As such, Mr. Varo should consider his words wisely to smooze rather than offend Lennar. I have offered to make a call to our contacts at Lennar to help with the Welcome Home Center deal. We have some high level contacts there. I don't know if it would help; but it couldn't hurt. As yet, no one on the current incompetent CZ Board has accepted my offer. Again, pretty dumb.
Most important, the 2005 dues increase was a result of CZ Board Member fiscal mismanagement. The $200 we pay is about $25 - $50 per month too much for we what we get. With better fiscal management and better decisions, our dues could be reduced and services could be increased. If history is our teacher as is always the case, it will not happen with Varo and Company on the CZ Board. This office construction at the Sports Park is just one more example of poor management decisions. It just proves that dumb can actually get even dumber. Joe Morabito
P.S. I was glad to see that Varo finally admitted that this year will be the last corrupt Delegate election in Coto to conform with the new law that will take effect in July, 2006. And, guess what, the CHP citations prove that we needed pro-active traffic patrols in Coto. As the kids would say Dah!

From: Jerry Mezger []
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 6:25 AM
Subject: Sports Park


Sometimes I get the feeling you automatically default to the opposite view of anything this Board does, even to the ridiculous.

Keystone’s role as our property management company is to support the association in, guess what, management of our property. In my opinion the best way to do that is by being on the property. To do otherwise is like trying to run a company by rarely going to the office. Yes, Keystone does interact with people who are not members, but virtually everyone they see is either a member, or a vendor serving our membership, and what better way to do that than being on-site? For too long I believe property management has suffered a disconnect by not being in the community all day, every day.

To use your logic, RSM’s City Hall should be located outside of the city to avoid bringing unnecessary traffic into the city.

Make no mistake about it, Lennar made many millions of dollars in Coto. Also, as I recall. the Sports Park land was set aside for recreation and/or commercial use long before Lennar acquired the undeveloped land in the south half of Coto in 1996. Nevertheless, while having a Sports Park is nice, in my opinion it was a great oversight to not have a facility, under roof, owned and run by the membership to serve the membership. Name me another HOA of CZ’s size or wealth that does not have such a facility. We have made it known to Lennar that we would like to acquire ownership of the Welcome Home Center, but so far Lennar has linked that to a general release from all future liabilities or claims, which is unacceptable. So the Welcome Home Center is not an option.

We are in contact with Lennar on a variety of matters, including the Welcome Home Center, so your offer of assistance, while appreciated, is not needed.

Jerry Mezger

Jerry: My understanding is the the anticipated building at the Sports Park will be a modular trailer. Will it meet our architectural standards; a small detail? And, I am not opposed to our own office facility though it will be one more thing to maintain; but it would have been better positioned at the Welcome Home Center site outside our gates; obviously close enough to our Members, but available to the public as well without coming through our gates. By the way, are we buying the modular building or leasing it? As a result of league use at the Sports Park, parking is already a problem. Adding to it with the office there makes no sense. Again, a little strategic thinking which never seems to occur with the current CZ Board would be good. Specific to Lennar, obviously the current incompetent CZ Board, unlike former Boards, has not been successful with negotiations as evidenced by your failure to acquire the Welcome Home Center. What a fiasco! I am well aware that Lennar wants us to take on their liabilities in exchange for the Welcome Home Center property; but there are some creative ways around that issue.

I offered my assistance because as a matter of fact, I have had direct contact with the new Sr. VP and General Corporate Counsel for Lennar because we moved him and his move was complicated ending up on my desk. I know he would take a call from me because we solved some problems for him. But, as usual, all of you on the current incompetent CZ Board like most men who refuse to ask for directions when lost, (me included) , would rather fail than seek help on the acquisition of the Welcome Home Center property, which should be a critical Association initiative. The priority should be to get this done first and put the office there once accomplished as a better location. What's the hurry? But again, I know I am asking you to think strategically which I know from your Board's history is probably impossible. Joe Morabito

P.S. My offer to help with Lennar is still on the table.


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Subject: [COTO] RE: CZ Sports Park Office Location

On the surface, Jerry’s syllogism seems to be valid. However, it assumes that Keystone is a competent manager, AND that the board allows it. Facts have shown otherwise. You may recall that residents invited the GM to see first hand how people would race through Coto Drive prior to the board being coerced into bringing back the CHP.

Most recently the question about residents doing as they please with common property, without Keystone knowing anything about it simply confirms it.

So, whether Keystone’s office is in the moon, Northern California, or right in the middle of Coto Drive, does not have any impact on their ability to manage. You either know, are willing and able, or you will not – that simple

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