Friday, June 09, 2006

Marketing Orange County, CA – YoPro

The YoPro (Young Professionals) Event was held last night in Irvine. YoPro is a special interest section within the Orange County Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (OC/PRSA).

The OC/PRSA’s claims that “ Three years ago, this great place we call home was simply known as Orange County” Now with the “..onset of several hit television shows, including Fox’s The OC, has quickly made Orange County the envy of most of the nation, and many folks throughout the County are capitalizing on our new-found fame”

Last night’s Yo-Pro event featured special guest-speaker Scott Dunlop, creator of the The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dunlop wowed the impressionable audience with his natural charm while claiming to be an expert in all-things Coto and to have single-handedly put Coto De Caza in the national consciousness. He thanked the Orange County Register and the LA Times for their help in promoting his latest project. From Dunlop’s perspective, no PR is bad PR! He also thanked the Coto de Caza board of directors.

However, he admitted that in general, Coto de Caza residents were extremely unhappy with the shallow, materialistic, hedonistic portrayal. His advice to the audience: If you want to be successful in this business, you must check your morals at the door. When he was challenged by a young, intelligent Coto de Caza resident unhappy with Dunlop’s work, the audience erupted – clearly these young impressionable YoPro’s are indeed professionals and were not buying Dunlop’s main Fish course – even though the event was held at McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant, Pilsner Patio

Coto (Coto de Caza, CA) Dreamin
Your message below is very useful to illustrate the contrast between our vision for Coto de Caza and what we have been getting from the Robert Varo & Jerry Mezger board for the last two years

Lawless, Clueless Coto de Caza
Last night, December 12, 2006, the CZ homeowner’s association board of directors held their regularly scheduled open session meeting. Present were representatives from the LA Times and Freedom Communications.

Lawless, Values-less, Spiritual-less Coto de Caza
When we first moved to Coto de Caza over 12 years ago, we really thought there was No Place Like Coto. Shortly thereafter CNN/Money discovered Coto as well and included it in their list of One of the Best Places to Live/Best Places to Retire.

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the Coto de Caza Board of directors, the LA Trash and the Orange Crud Repository and report the facts

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