Sunday, June 04, 2006


Congratulations to all Coto District Delegates, in the words of George Thagard as reported by the Orange County Register June 2, 2006 “ Change is good. It is absolutely fine with me. I think that if educated people are given the same information as me, they will make the same decisions I would have”.

So despite all the weapons of mis-disinformation and the artificial roadblocks created by the current board to manipulate the results of the election – the board failed miserably. The 2006-2007 Coto District delegates were able to read between the lines and made the right decision.

However, we know how the story ends: We have seen it many times. Those who have promoted public safety as the number one Coto issue, are either black-balled or simply out-voted by Varo/Mezger/Hilll. Consider that for over five years, we have been promoting the notion that in order to manage public safety one needs management tools.
As recent as Lyle’ appointment to the board vacated by Sean Larkin, he felt the current board was doing a fine job, and he attributed the traffic problems to Coto Soccer Moms. Now, Lyle thinks the private security services Coto residents are paying for is a waste of money, and simply “a pretty face”!. According to the OCR, Lyle now knows that 16-2 0 “..year olds received the most citations for speeding or not stopping at stops signs within Coto”. We should point out to Lyle that according to CHP data, Coto residents in the age group of 40-50 years of age, get just as any citations as the 16-20 old kids – an now a commercial: Just like the board seems to have adopted the CHP report as a management tools, we urge them to use the CotoBuzz commissioned Sheriff’s management tools.
And the point is? The point is that if you take any position that does not further Varo/Mezger’s personal goals, you are not going to be listened to. We can point to Sean Larkin’s resignation as an example. Then there is the blatant firing of the safety committee chairperson, replaced by a highly paid security consultant and a group of non-home owners.
So how does the story end? Initially Yocham and Zipperman come in very exited about the possibilities. They try to be different. They use collaboration, rather than confrontation (the approach CotoBuzz has preached since inception). They use an accommodating and compromising conflict resolution approach, as they want to be constructionists. The problem is that Varo/Mezger continue pursuing their personal agendas. Yocham and Zipperman become vocal and frustrated. When, major decisions need to be made, Mitch Hill shows up to cast the deciding vote in favor of Var/Mezger, and Yocham and Zipperman resign.
Note: It has been previously estimated that “Mitch Hill has missed 25% of CZ Board Meetings, and an even higher percentage of more critical Executive Session Meetings
So, if educated district delegates do not want to see the story end as we have predicted, you may just want to consider a Recall Mitch Hill effort!

From: Morabito,
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 4:09 PM
Subject: CZ - Mitch Hill - AWOL
Hello All: When an employee misses 25% of work and long before unless for serious illness, the employee is fired. When a student misses 25% of classes, the student will receive a failing grade and/or be dropped from the class. When a soldier is AWOL, the soldier will be court marshaled and end up in jail and/or dishonorably discharged. Mitch Hill has missed 25% if CZ Board Meetings, including another one last week, and an even higher percentage of more critical Executive Session Meetings. Since he can't or won't attend most CZ Board Meetings, Mitch should do the honorable thing and Resign. If Mitch Hill does not resign, CZ Delegates, you need to do your job for the good of all CZ Members and Recall Mitch Hill from office. Joe Morabito
P.S. Sean Larkin missed 59% of CZ Board Meetings before leaving the area and the Board. Let us hope that is not the service standard we have established for serving as a CZ Board Member.

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