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Demand for Apology from Coto de Caza Board of Directors

To: Orange County Register Editors, CotoBuzz

cc: CZ Master Board Members
c.c. Coto Discussion Forum
c.c. James Harkins, Coto de Caza Legal Counsel
c.c. Cary Treff, Coto de Caza Property Manager

As the CZ Master Association board of directors meetings of August 10, 2006 was to commence, association president Robert Varo informed me that I was not welcomed. He also told me in no uncertain terms that I was to leave immediately or be removed by force by the Sheriff. Mr. Varo’s arbitrary and capricious actions are deplorable and insulting not only to me, but to my daughter, a long time Coto resident and homeowner, her family and to the many residents who witnessed the incident.

Because of personal differences between Mr, Varo and I, which have been played out and documented in the Orange County Register, he denied me access to the board meeting and threatened to call the Sheriff if I did not leave immediately.

When Coto de Caza board of directors’ member, Jerry Mezger, intervened, he explained that because my daughter’s name on the deed, and not mine, the CC&R were clear that I had no right being in the meeting. He said it with a straight face, even though sons and daughters of Coto homeowners regularly attend board meetings. Most hypocritical however, is the fact that both Varo and Mezger, allowed Paul Young, a person whose only connection to Coto was that he lived with friends, to not only attend board meetings, but also lead the Delegate and Others Committee as their chairperson, as well as to access to association resources.

Obviously, I am extremely disappointed with the actions of the president of the largest gated community in the area, but I am more disappointed with the rest of board Members, for aiding and abetting.

I hereby request and demand an apology from Mr. Varo and the rest of the board of directors.


July 8th, 2006:
Caruso has a private meeting with Bob Varo..Many items are discussed including Varo’s intentions to move the Call Center staff, The Transponders Staff and the UPS Director of Security & Staff, that he was going to make a work area for the Orange County Sheriff and then he was going to fire the CHP again. Mr. Varo also invites Caruso to attend the first Public Safety Committee Meeting to be held on July 11, 2006

July 11th, 2006
Caruso attends the First Safety Committee meeting hosted by Philip Mitchell. Caruso explains his extensive experience with security matters

July 13, 2006
Caruso attends the CZ Master Association board of director’s meeting and signs up to speak . Because of the immense implications and for clarification purposes, Caruso brings up Varo’s intentions to fire the CHP at the completion of the Welcome Home Center. Caruos then asks Varo to confirm, but he replies: "No that is not true." Caruso then counters, "Mr. Varo that’s a lie." This is where Caruso becomes Varo’s Number One Enemy.

July 14, 2006
The OCR’s RSM News and CanyonLife carry an article titled "Coto holds first public safety committee meeting ." In that article Caruso is misquoted, and portrays Varo as a proponent of the CHP. It is only after countless conversations with the OCR staff that a retraction is printed to reflect what actually happened during the board meeting.

It should be noted that it is at this time, Caruso receives a call from newly appointed association Safety Committee chairman, Philip Mitchell stating that "the things you had to say at the last board meeting were right on target and as far as I am concerned your on the Safety Committee and I will recommend that to the BOD. I will also tell them that if your not on the committee that I would resign my position as Chairman of the committee” – Of course, now, even Mitchell has distanced himself from Caruso.

However; former member of the CZ Master association board of directors and Coto resident puts it best when he says: “Ed, you just don’t get it. Ever since you demanded a retraction from the newspaper concerning Varo’s comment about the plan to fire the CHP, you were put on the "Enemies List" not the Safety Committee list. You just got your lists wrong. Varo, Mezger and Missing Hill want to appoint lackeys who don't make waves and who will support formation of a Community Services District to raise our taxes. That is the real story”, or as the CotoBuzz may say “As hard as this is to believe, this is consistent with the Varo/Mezger modus operandi - The excuse used by Mezger to fire the previous, more than qualified public security chairperson was the he "...though it was illegal to have spouses serve on a committee because of the undue concentration of power on one household.."

However, using their logic, it is OK to appoint paid consultants to the security committee. It is also OK to appoint residents outside the CZ Master Association to the security committee. But it is not OK to appoint well qualified association residents with backbone - just in case the spineless volunteers get any ideas. Perhaps you can join the committee as a paid consultant?”


Paul Young, DnO Group: FRE or Deadenders? - Secretary Rumsfeld calls the Chinese communist censors LIGGIT - League of Intelligence Generals in Generic Information Technology. The names he ascribes to the Islamic terrorists are Former Regime Extremists (FRE), although he prefers to use the term deadenders.

Terrorism Concerns Leads to Booting of Family Members from Coto de Caza BOD Meeting
Apparently due to ongoing terrorism concerns, the Coto de Caza board of directors has tightened up on security measures. Effective today’s general board meeting (8-10-2006), Varo and Mezger, speaking on behalf of the Coto de Caza board of...

Orange County DA to Review Complaints against the Coto de Caza local governing body and service providers.
In our continued commitment to public safety, and our search for justice for Mr. Morteza Manian, earlier this week (Monday July 17, 2006), CotoBuzz had the opportunity to meet with Susan Kang Schroeder, Orange County District Attorney Public Affairs...

Coto de Caza/Public Safety Committee Vows not to speak to the press.
The committee, made up of representatives including LAFCO, convened Wednesday to set a public meeting schedule.
As the meeting was wrapping up, LAFCO member Peter Herzog suggested all members refuse comment to the press for the duration of the...

When is a retraction not a retraction? When it comes from the OCR!
In the August 4 issue of the OCR’s CanyonLife, hidden under a picture of the Pet of the Week, appears an inconspicuous paragraph titled Clarification that reads”
“Coto resident Ed Caruso and Board President Bob Varo of the CZ Master...

Where is Waldo?: That is, Coto de Caza Corporate Accountability and Transparency?
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DaVaro Deception: The Involution (yes, not evolution) of the Safety Committee
Just coming off a landmark public safety committee-of-one meeting held July 11, 2007, the Coto de Caza board, in a bold move that assures more due diligence in the selection of public safety committee members, than that exhibited in the firing of the CHP,...

Life In Coto to Get More Expensive?
Hello All: There is a rumor on the street that a CZ Dues increase is coming next year. I hope it is not true; but it would not surprise me one bit because of all the fiscal mismanagement we have seen under Varo, Mezger and Missing Hill. All I can say...

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the Coto de Caza Board of directors, the LA Trash and the Orange Crud Repository and report the facts

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