Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saving Lives, Saving Money

For that minority in Coto who still think the community does not have traffic problems, all the need to do is stand some 30-60 minutes on any side street. Very quick, you will see teen drivers going over 60 MPH on 25 MPH zones!

· The bottom line is that teen drivers are dangerous.

· Teen crash rates per mile driven is four times that of drivers older than 19.

· Over 50% of teens have an accident within their first year of driving

· According to Allstate Corp., 61% of teens said they take risks because they are convinced they are good drivers!

· Teen drivers are found at fault in 66% of ALL FATAL collisions that they are involved in, although they only represent 4% of the state's licensed drivers.

· The leading cause of DEATH for Americans 15 - 20 years old is motor vehicle collisions

To safe lives and save money in the process, there is plenty parents can do:
1. The California Highway Patrol's Start Smart program is a driver safety education class which targets new and future licensed teenage drivers between the age of 15 - 19 and their parents/guardians. Click HERE to learn about these classes!
2. Insurers such as State Farm and Automobile Club of Southern California, offer discounts if a teen takes a special driver’s safety course. State Farm offers up to 15% discount for participation
3. The AAA offers a 4.5% discount for teens who go through its in-house course
4. To avoid accidents, the simplest advice is to avoid distractions such as music, friend and cellphones.
For responsible Coto parents, it may be a good idea to look into some of the programs cited above – to save lives. If money is not an issue, send us the savings and we will make sure to forward it to a local charity!

Grup City – Coto de Caza ......Of Peter Pan, Grups and Coto d Caza
As the Coto de Caza board of directors controlled by Varo/Mezger/Hill continue to handle public safety as a Tar Baby, it is only appropriate to consider a tag line for Coto de Caza once Varo/Mezger/Hill accomplish their goal of turning Coto into a City....
Despite the many artificial road blocks created by the CZ Master Association Board of directors during the 2006 District Delegate Elections (including tampering with the election process, distributing wrong and misleading information, and using weapons of...
The May 2006 CHP statistics for Coto de Caza is consistent with the Coto de Caza board of director’s inaction with regards to public safety: These show an accident rate rapidly approaching the record-breaking 2005 that lead to the first traffic...
Deliverance – the Coto de Caza District Delegate Committee Movie
In an incestuous move reminiscent of the movie Deliverance, Varo/Mezger/Hill, have done what they refused to do with Coto residents concerned with public safety: use association funds to promote their self-preservation:
Bicycle Safety Within Coto de Caza
During the June 8, 2006 Coto de Caza board meeting Yo Orduno described a public safety situation in the Summerfield district including a warning about an increase of rush hour cyclists in and around Vista Del Verde, some even riding pairwise making the...
DaVaro Deception: The Involution (yes, not evolution) of the Safety Committee
Just coming off a landmark public safety committee-of-one meeting held July 11, 2007, the Coto de Caza board, in a bold move that assures more due diligence in the selection of public safety committee members, than that exhibited in the firing of the CHP,...
The DaVaro Deception: Wrong and Misleading Information RE: Public Safety Within Coto de Caza
The Information being distributed to residents by Keystone (undated and with no title), regarding public safety, like the information provided to the Orange County Register is misleading and plain wrong:
Orange County DA to Review Complaints against the Coto de Caza local governing body and service providers.
In our continued commitment to public safety, and our search for justice for Mr. Morteza Manian, earlier this week (Monday July 17, 2006), CotoBuzz had the opportunity to meet with Susan Kang Schroeder, Orange County District Attorney Public Affairs...
Coto de Caza/Public Safety Committee Vows not to speak to the press.
The committee, made up of representatives including LAFCO, convened Wednesday to set a public meeting schedule.
As the meeting was wrapping up, LAFCO member Peter Herzog suggested all members refuse comment to the press for the duration of the...
Invitation to First Public Safety Committee Meeting Since First Traffic Fatalities: DaVaro Deception - Law and Order !
Invitation to First Public Safety Committee Meeting Since First Traffic Fatalities in Last Ten Years
If you care as much as we do about public safety and property values (usually associated with the sate of security in any given community) within...
DaVaro Deception - Law and Order ! We don’t need no stinking law, WE are the law!
VARO/MEZGER/HILL: Hell now, won’t go! – we will not leave the Coto de Caza board under any circumstances!Besides public safety, what has sparked the interest of several Coto Discussion Forum participants and CotoBlogzz readers is the issue of...
DaVaro Deception - From Best to Pest in 60!
The evolution of private security management within Coto de Caza very much follows the evolution of the Coto de Caza board of directors make up - to the incumbent board of directors:

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the Coto de Caza Board of directors, the LA Trash and the Orange Crud Repository and report the facts

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