Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Coto Standard of Service Performance – More Liability

One of the reasons often cited to mislead residents…..…err attempt to justify the increase in CZ monthly dues was the need to bring services up to standard.

The board has gone on record and assert that since Keystone is unable to hire competent people, the board now directly hires their account executive assigned to Coto de Caza. It is not rocket legal science to figure out what happens to association liability as a result of the board’s actions.

Since the private security company is unable to provide even bare-bones training required by law when securing guard cards, the board has now decided to not only develop a guard training program, but do the training. Guess what happens to liability?

Since the private security employees cannot spell post orders, board members, with no prior experience have issued new post orders…… this is an egg, these are your brains…..any questions?

The only question may be, is this an attempt to bring services up to standard, or to lower the standard to meet the services provided?

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