Friday, January 19, 2007

The Varo anti-CHP Sentiment continues: CHP Go HOME, KEEP OUT OF OUR DUIs!

The Coto de Caza gates, including the automated ones are as reliable as the public utilities in the outskirts of Baghdad, yet the association continues paying for services barely-rendered, no questions asked.

The board in a classic case of the blind leading the blind are training security personnel– yet the guards get a raise and a yearly contract.

The property management company cannot hire competent managers, so the boards hire managers directly for them. Then the board for some strange reason has not gone out for bids for property management services in ½ a decade.

The landscaping experts bring to Coto de Arizona (instead of the classic bucolic) look; oversee a $45,000 free trees renovation project, yet they get a raise and a yearly contract renewal.

The landscaping companies are pumped up in classic Orange County Register adporting; butcher trees then get a raise and a yearly contract.

The Varo boards have been coerced intro bringing back the CHP for proactive traffic patrol, two years in a row! So the CHP have only managed to reign in on the out-of-control traffic accident rate since first fired by the Varo CHP board and being called “extortionists” by same. So now their contract will be reviewed quarterly – “to make sure patrolling is evenly distributed throughout the year!

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