Sunday, April 18, 2010

CAPO Teachers are Nice - CUSD board not Nice

Posted By CotoBlogzz 04-18-2010 05:00 PM

A Capo teacher opines that CAPO teachers are nice - the problem is with the fiscally responsible CUSD board members.  We agree - CAPO teacher are nice:

Teachers are nice and want everyone else to be nice,  this is the main reason teachers endorse criminalizing home schooling -  Parents are NOT nice -  they teach hateful thinks such as values, work ethics, commitment and getting ready to be competitive in the age of globalization.

Teachers are so nice, they support a "No school bulling day" where everyone can look and act homosexually -“ Harassing those who oppose alternate lifestyles is not viewed as hateful, as much as it is helping the misguided see there is nothing wrong with choosing an alternative lifestyle -  Teachers are so nice, they think traditional marriage is hateful -  so much so that the CTA donated $1,000,000 to defeat Proposition 8.

Teachers are so nice, they want to expose younger children to and teach them that alternative life styles is OK -  this is why teachers accused of sexual abuse are rarely, if ever removed. or any other transgression for that matter.

Teachers are so nice, they have gone to great lengths to accommodate Muslim students and reject Christian practices, because the first is a religion of peace, the latter preaches hate.

Teachers are so nice, they refuse to teach values such as work ethics, after all, what matter is that everyone is fat, dumb and happy.  In the progressive socialist America, they all get what they want and cannot afford as long as they make nice.

Teachers are so nice, the CTA  is the top spender in Sacramento - spending $211,849,298 wining and dining lawmakers to make sure lawmakers are also nice and support nice legislation.

Lessons Learned?  California teachers can learn  from the Birds and the Bees, the Ants and the Chimpanzees:  Laggards do not eat.  They pick up their fair share of the workload, or else they get kicked out of the community.

Teach a child to read, take a teacher out to lunch and tell him about the Birds and the Bees, the Ants and the Chimpanzees

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