Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jerry’s Peeps – Jerry Brown Joins Other Demagogues to save his Peep’s homes

Posted by CotoBlogzz 10-14-2010

California Joins Multi-State Coalition to Protect Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

SAN FRANCISCO - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today that California has joined a coalition of demagogues including 49 attorneys general in a Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae look-alike contest billed as “ a multi-state effort to demand that lenders find solutions to serious and potentially widespread problems in the foreclosure process across the country.  - In other words, these homeowners are the same ones Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae encouraged to live beyond their means – then had to foreclose – now they will be allowed to continue to live in the same homes, without having to pay anything.

"While California continues its own vigorous efforts to ensure that homeowners facing foreclosure are treated fairly and lawfully," A byproduct of Brown’s “fair justice,” is that he gets to produce yet one more ad telling California’s how he is fighting for re-distribution of wealth.  Although his actions will force the mortgage industry to shed even more jobs, it will create thousands of new attorney jobs who will try to seize the property from the banks and give them to the homeowners who could not pay in the first place – gratis. 

On Friday, Brown called on all lenders in California to halt foreclosing on California homes until they can demonstrate that they are complying with state law.

Bank of America announced on Friday that it was temporarily halting foreclosures nationwide. 

The multi-state group will review how lenders verify foreclosure documents nationally.  Other than this, not sure what else the group will do other than to use it as collateral material for mid-term elections. The group was formed after several lenders and loan services admitted that officials, dubbed "robo-signers," had vouched for the accuracy and completeness of foreclosure documents without reviewing them.


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