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Orange County Style Justice - Woman faces 19 years for DUI-Related Deaths

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SANTA ANA, CA  - Jessica Lynn Shekell was convicted today for killing two sisters and injuring their two nieces by crashing head-on into their vehicle while driving the wrong direction on the freeway, according to the Orange County District Attorney's  Office

Shekell, 22, Anaheim, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated, one felony count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury, one felony count of driving with a blood alcohol level over .08 percent causing bodily injury, and sentencing enhancements for causing great bodily injury. Shekell faces a maximum sentence of 19 years and eight months in state prison.

Consider that  Trevor Mark Coffman,  convicted of causing a high-speed freeway crash, killing two elderly passengers and severely injuring their elderly driver, is  expected to be sentenced to four years in state prison at his sentencing hearing Jan. 7, 2010, while  Hope-y, Change-y Judge Robert Fitzgerald  gives treatment to DUI driver who kills pedestrian in Hit& Run Incident and  Andrew Gallo convicted  of DUI-related three counts of second-degree murder in the death of Angels rookie Nick Adenhart and two other people in April 2009 faces  up to 50 years in state prison when he is sentenced on Dec. 10.  What is wrong with this picture? 

On Oct. 25, 2009, Shekell consumed several alcoholic beverages at two bars in Placentia while out with friends. At approximately 2:55 a.m. on Oct. 26, 2009, Shekell drove while under the influence of alcohol the wrong direction eastbound into oncoming traffic on westbound State Route 91 (SR 91) in her Toyota pick-up truck near Gypsum Canyon Road. Two California Highway Patrol officers observed the defendant driving 50 mph the wrong direction and initiated a traffic break on the freeway in order to stop Shekell's car. 

As the officers exited SR 91 and re-entered the freeway heading westbound to attempt to stop the defendant, Shekell crashed head-on into a Chevrolet pick-up truck driven by 49-year-old Sally Miguel. Sally Miguel, her 30-year-old sister Patricia Miguel, and their nieces, 15-year-old Mary Miguel and 11-year-old Sara Miguel, were driving home to San Bernardino after spending the evening together at Knott's Berry Farm. 

Shekell's vehicle and the victims' vehicle were totaled. Sally Miguel was pronounced dead at the scene. Patricia, who was riding in the front passenger seat, was transported to Western Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead shortly after 4:20 a.m. Shekell caused the crash that resulted in the blunt force injuries that killed both victims. Mary and Sara Miguel were also transported to the hospital to be treated for internal injuries they had sustained in the crash.

Shekell was transported to the hospital and treated for facial trauma and fractures to her arms. Approximately 45 minutes after the crash, Shekell had a blood alcohol level of .26 percent. 


Posted By CotoBlogzz 10--22-2010

SANTA ANA, CA  - Trevor Mark Coffman, driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana was convicted today of causing a high-speed freeway crash, killing two elderly passengers and severely injuring their elderly driver, according to the Orange County District Attorney's (OCDA) office.

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