Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Real Adult Conversation: Place the US on Chapter 11

View organized public labor as legalized prostitution

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The more Washington DC politicians talk about the need for an adult conversation to tackle out-of-control spending, the more they sound like spoiled teenagers - on both sides of the aisle.

On the one hand the President of the United States fails to lead by proposing a non-starter budget for fear the opposition will demagogue his message – something he has been guilty of for the last two years.  On the other hand, were it not for the Tea Party, Governor Christie and Governor Walker, the Republicans would not even consider tougher cuts and do not have the intestinal fortitude  to shut down the government for fear the opposition will demagogue it. 

Where is the adult conversation taking place, if any?

We have been warning about  the Triple Threat:  1) Unions, 2) Lobbyists and 3) Parasitic Bureaucracies for years:  Unquestionably and consistent with President Reagan’s views, public unions are an anachronism and have little in common with private unions – there is no competition in government – it is not like we can go and hire the German government to manage the US Economic System, for instance. View organized labor as legalized prostitution.  Union leaders raise money for politicians and the politicians pay the leaders back with unsustainable benefits.

We have also been warning about the US Economic Freedom’s Triple Constraint:  1) ObamaCare, 2)  Card Check and 3)  Cap & Trade.  Some have argue that Card Check is dead – it is not.  Just wit the most often visitor to the White House and what public union leaders are doing in Wisconsin.  Cap & Trade is now being taken up by Parasitic Bureaucracy EPA.

The point?  The Real Adult Conversation is this:  Shut down the federal government.  More than 80% of the bureaucracies are parasitic and should be shut down any way.  The EPA, the DOE, the EEOC and so on.  The US Foreign Policy as being implemented would be laughable if the consequences were not as serious.

So what happens when the government shuts down? At that point  leave the The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) as the only funded agency. Additionally  have the United States Intelligence Community (IC) report  to the JCS  on a temporary basis-  Consider that the IC  is a cooperative federation of 16 separate United States government agencies that work together to conduct intelligence activities considered.  Member organizations of the IC include intelligence agencies, military intelligence, and civilian intelligence and analysis offices within federal executive departments. Consider that to support these 16 main agencies,  there are some  1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies in 10,000 locations in the United States that are working on counterterorrism, homeland security, and intelligence, and that the intelligence community as a whole includes 854,000 people who hold top-secret clearance

Another point is the most vital federal government work is enormous; just imagine the energy and resources required to manage the parasitic bureaucracies -  that is more than 80% of the federal bureaucracies.

The last point is that after the partial shutdown of the federal government, more than 80% of the federal bureaucracies either disappear or merge with others.  Now, can we have a REAL adult conversation?

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