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Final Categories of the Davy HOA Awards announced

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The CotoBuzz Journal, a community journal with a focus on HOA/CID, public safety and government corruption in general,  today announced the official categories of the 2011 Homeowners Association  Davy Awards.  View the Davy Awards as the Un-CAI Awards:  For example, the Orange County Chapter of the Community Association’s Industry (CAI)  presented the homeowners’ association industry awards  at the chapter's leadership awards dinner  February 25, 2011.  

Now, considering that the CAI has asserted that the David-VS-Goliath stories are mostly AstroTurf®  manufactured by the media, including the CotoBuzz Journal, despite evidence to the contrary,  we figured the industry needed balance, and hence the Davy Awards.

Consider for example the California Supreme Court Decision on Golden Rain Foundation vs Franzand Golden Rain Foundation vs Lyon:  On  January 5, 2009, Judge Ronald L. Bauer ruled on David Lyon’s favor on his motion for an award of fees incurred during the litigation – even then, GRF still refuses to abide by the disclosure rules: David-VS-Goliath you think?

Arguably, the  CAI Awards are designed as a public relations ploy, a way to legitimize and attempt to polish the image of members who may have been tarnished in the media, fairly or not.
For example, Swedelson & Gottlieb associate Alex Noland was nominated for three CAI Awards, while property Management Company PCM has at least two employees, including spokesperson Wendy Buckman.  Additionally, PCM has managed to get Laguna Woods Village director Heather Gerson, as Director of the Year, even though MS. Gerson was appointed, not elected, but happens to be a staunch supporter of PCM- who just happens to have been sued by the lthe local Board of Directors.  

And the categories are?

The Davy Award categories:

The Rudy Award – the Rudy Award will be issued to a deserving David:  A homeowners who doggedly stands for fairness and justice in the common interest development environment, even it means that he or she has to fight the local Goliath.

The Real Jeroboam Award – the CAI issues a Jeroboam Award.  Consider that the Biblical Jeroboam Jer-o-bo'-am (yarobh`am irefers to  Septuagint Hieroboam, usually assumed to have been derived from riyb and `am, and signifying "the people contend," or, "he pleads the people's cause"): The name was borne by two kings of Israel. And yet, the CAI issues this award to legal counsel.  Hence the Real Jeroboam Award.

The Real Servant Award – this award is issues to the most deserving member of the board of directors who works for the people and not for the property management company, legal counsel and or other interests.

Most Abusive Board – issued to the most abusive HOA board of directors.

The DODO Award – issued to the directors who most exhibit symptoms of the Bell Syndrome

The Vulture Award – Issued to the most deserving legal counsel

The Sleazy Award – Issued to the most deserving property management company

The Ostrich Award – Issued to the resident most supportive of a board usually disconnected from reality

A recipient of the Davy award must be nominated by a resident in his or her respective CID and is the one getting the most votes – One vote per  home.  Nominations are open nation-wide.

The CotoBuzz Journal  will issue a list of finalists  for the Davy Award by June 22, 2011, with an award ceremony scheduled for August 2011 -  the venue and exact date to be determined.

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